Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

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Thanks guys!

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Interesting update with regards to Tandem’s public API availability.

(Grant MacGregor) #1201

If I were to switch current account to a new provider, would Emma remember all my old transactions or would they be wiped?


If you keep the old account open they stay, if you close it they are wiped :frowning:

Wish I’d known this before doing a CASS.

(Grant MacGregor) #1203

Thanks for the heads up. Problem we face is that most switches involve using CASS to take advantage of any perks.

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We are going to add a closed account section very soon and your data will automagically re-appear.

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In terms of things that are coming out, we are working on more reports/insights (including notifications), Emma Pro and Emma Rewards.


Any chance that Emma would be able to report on JISA or CTF’ I know that as the parent you only manage them till the child is 18 and depending on company you have the relevant fund with depends if they have an API to use, just looking at a way to keep track of the kids investments :wink:

(Chatan Vekariya) #1208

Any plans for delegated access or read only…and sharing options.

Main Account Holder (Myself) - I have set up everything on my credentials… Mobile Phone Number etc.
Example if I have the following accounts etc
Account A - Joint Account
Account B - Joint Savings Account
Account C - My Credit Card
Account D - My Marcus Account (hint hint)

Wife Signs up to Emma - Using my mobile number she would have full view etc (works in our case) she can see how much money I spend at the pub. :joy:

But if my Wife Signs up to Emma - Using her number…it would be great if I could give her permissions to view selective accounts.


I’ve never tried adding someone else’s account to Emma, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. There’s no way Emma would know you’re using someone else’s credentials (I think).

Not sure what the bank would have to say though.

Of course, for joint accounts this works already, because the other account holder gets their own credentials.

(Jack Biggs) #1210

I don’t understand why Emma can have multiple paydays and weekly paydays etc and Monzo are making us wait for them.


Division of labour at work! Emma clearly has different priorities.

(Jack Biggs) #1212

Ridiculous if you ask me, I’d much rather have a fully functioning current account than a half-assed one with a budgeting app that could be done within my banking app.


The backend of a bank is insanely complex. Emma just deal with the transactions that result from this. Which is not to downplay the complexity of what Emma do, or managing the integrations with different banks, but it does not compare to building and maintaining a bank’s backend.

So if you have to do the first and the second it takes longer.


Any chance Emma can integrate with Scottish Friendly they do ISA & JISA have apps also :wink:

(Grant MacGregor) #1215

When should we expect to hear anything regarding Emma Pro?

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Some info on future Tandem integration!

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scramble mode - should it ask for a pin/finger print? when descramble