Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

Hey @LucaMartinetti , when web scraping is the only option it means not using OAuth right? That must require the full bank credientials (I.e login/password)? Do you do the access to the website to scrap + the scraping yourself or does this bit rely on another third party service?

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but yes, they still need your login credentials.


Ah ok thanks! So Emma has direct integration with monzo, but uses truelayer (and hence web scrapping) for everything else. Might give it a try but for Monzo only. Will enable legacy bank once they implement PSD2.

Saying might because not very keen on the UI I see in the AppStore

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It’s different but that’s what makes makes it cool. They’ve come up with the most ‘radical’ design for a FinTech banking app (let’s not mention Atom), don’t sign up unless you’re ready fo a very beta product though, they’ve not been out for long..do sign up though, it’s good :slight_smile:


Hi Kabe, TrueLayer has reverse engineered banks’ API, so they don’t do web scraping. :slight_smile:

What future does this hold for truelayer? Will they just swap to direct integration with all the banks?


How long do you have to wait for a new account, I’m in another waiting list ha

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@edo1493 will Emma be able to display Pot’s balances at some point or does the API not include them?

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That’s up to Monzo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding @Ganey, you need to ask them, but yes, they will switch to OB.



If anyone is interested in using Emma and want’s to help me jump the queue please use the following link:

Thanks! Is Emma the type of company that’s “authorised by the FCA” that Nationwide are referring to & where should I be looking to see exactly what permissions Emma being a Registered Account Information Service Provider grants? The permissions section of the registration page doesn’t give a lot of of hints :disappointed:



I got this a while ago - so, yep.


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Thanks but I’m not sure whether their approval means that they’re covered for accessing every bank account & all transaction data, that’s what I’m trying to confirm. I’d also be interested to hear if they (or anyone else) knows of any FCA documentation which confirms exactly what theirs (& other RAISP’s) permissions are.

Edit - in case anyone else is interested, this is a pretty good overview -

the key point is:

From 13 January 2018, the second Payment Services Directive (PSDII) mandates that Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs), that provide payment accounts that are accessible online, must:

  • make available payment account data to account information service providers (AISPs)
  • allow payment initiation service providers (PISPs) to initiate transactions from
    customers’ accounts

so it looks like Emma’s covered :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure when I set up the Monzo integration it told me exactly what it could do

Just set up my Mono account with EMMA very easy to do and it’s clear about the data its taking from the account. Which is account details, transactions, account features and regular payments. If EMMA is going to save me money, that’s what it needs. There’s no ability for EMMA to make payments from my account.

To authorise access, I had to approve access via an email from Monzo. So, I’d say it was reasonably secure.

We are a RAISP, so we can access and read banking data.

At this point, we can’t initiate payments, such as moving money from bank A to B.

The point that @Peter_R saw is a requirement by the FCA, so people exactly know what they are doing.


I’m just looking at the iOS app screenshots in the App Store. Does the app really use terms such as ‘paycheck’ and ‘Checking Account’?

It’s in closed beta and they have changed this on Android here is how it looks on Android for me;


Hah, not just me then! I moaned about, ‘checking account’, and they changed it (in the Android app).

I think it’s just that the developers may be from another country.

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