Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A


Would love 1, 2, 6, 11!
Dummy accounts are in the pipeline apparently, so that will give you 2.

I’ve posted on this thread about 6… Real resistance from Emma to anything vaguely manual, I think! It’s really painfully slow to recategorise even a single transaction at the moment…

11 has also been suggested.

Patience is a virtue I suppose :slight_smile:


it is.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1099

This is what we are doing next: https://twitter.com/emma_finance/status/1063731894569844737.

On top of these, upload a receipt, merchant stats in each transaction and search might come as well.


Almost keeping up with user demands then :wink:


The ability to rename transactions will be very nice!


🔮 Committed spending / predictions.
💸 Multiple paydays.
🧙‍♂️ Emma’s Insights / notifications.
🛒 Custom categories.
📰 Export of data.
✏️ Rename of transactions.
💰 Manual accounts

Good stuff!

(Tom ) #1103

I was under the impression that marketplace was launched based on release notes.

Is there a launch date for it?

(Edoardo Moreni) #1104

What we mean by marketplace is doing integrations that make sense with other services. There will never be a “Marketplace” section in the app. It just doesn’t make sense and brings a lot of confusion. We did two integrations with Wealthsimple and PensionBee (read-only) to start with. We are bringing on board a few other services and will do write integrations next year; but again, this is just a side project.

So far, we have approached every service, Chip and Wealthify have shown interest, so I hope they hurry up. :slight_smile:


In which case, I would suggest not referring to it as marketplace and just refer to them as integrations/connections. I think your use of the term marketplace is what has caused confusion.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1106

Okay, thanks for your feedback.


If and when Emma becomes a payment initiator, the difference between the marketplace as envisioned by Monzo and “integrations” on Emma is going to be wafer thin.

The essential functionality in both will (presumably) be the ability to fully control a third party service from within the app.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1108

Yes, but as I said we can just integrate a savings solution, an investment one and a couple more. We don’t need to have a vast choice of providers all in one place. Choice is good, but confuses a lot of people. Especially when we are trying to “teach” them how to manage their money.


A couple of months ago I added a poll to this thread so people could indicate banks they would most like integrated into Emma. A bunch of new banks and other financial services have been integrated since then, so perhaps its time for a new poll. This time open to any financial service, not just banks.

Tried a wiki-based poll earlier today that others could edit. Didn’t work - turns out polls can’t be edited in an ongoing way. So I’ve had that deleted and here’s another idea. Below you’ll find a list of banks and other financial account providers not currently integrated in Emma (way too much time on my hands today!). On Tuesday, I’ll create a poll based on this list. If you’d like something else included in the poll please send me suggestions by Tuesday (via direct message, to avoid unnecessary posts in this thread). Virgin Money not included in list as Emma have announced it will be included soon.

AJ Bell Youinvest, Aldermore Bank, Allied Irish Bank, Amazon Credit Card, ASDA Money, Atom Bank, Aqua Credit Card, Bank of Ireland, Bestinvest, Birmingham Midshires, Cavendish Online, Charles Stanley Direct, Charter Savings Bank, Chelsea Building Society, Citibank, Chip, Clydesdale Bank, Coventry Building Socitey, Cumberland Building Society, Danske Bank, Debenhams Credit Card, eToro, Evestor, Fidelity International, First Trust Bank, Freetrade, Funding Circle, Halifax Share Dealing, Hargreaves Lansdown, House of Fraser Credit Card, Interactive Investor, iWeb Share Dealing, John Lewis Credit Card, Klarna, Leeds Building Society, Marcus Bank, Marks & Spencer, Moneybox, Moneyfarm, Monmouthsire Building Society, Monese, N26, National Savings & Investments, Newcastle Building Society, Nottinham Building Society, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Nutmeg, OakNorth, Paragon Bank, Plum, Post Office Bank, Progressive Building Society, Ratesetter, RCI Bank, Revolut, Saffron Building Society, Sainsbury’s Bank, The Share Centre, Shawbrook Bank, Skipton Building Society, Tandem, Tide, Transferwise, True Potential, Ulster Bank, Vanguard Investor, Vanquis Bank, Wealthify, West Bromwish Building Society, Yorkshire Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, Zopa

(Grant MacGregor) #1111

Will it be possible to vote for more than three options?


What do you suggest?


Let people vote for all the options they are waiting for?


Ok, lets get a bit meta. Please vote for how many votes you would like in the soon-to-be-created poll (couple of posts back). I personally think it should be restricted to a low number to force people to vote for the ones they most want, but I’ll go with majority.

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Unlimited

0 voters


But success is binary for me - either Emma monitors all my accounts or it fails.

If you allow unlimited votes, the integrations that most people want will still rise to the top.

(Is Santa here yet?) #1116

Maybe do a vote for the amount of votes you should include in the vote about how many votes should be in the vote?

(Edoardo Moreni) #1117

This is awesome.