Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A

(Edoardo Moreni) #995

Yes, but no one is doing anything.


Is that because the APIs are crap? Or because no one really knows what to do with them?

(Edoardo Moreni) #997

The former.


When will we get MBNA cards?

(Edoardo Moreni) #999

If anyone here wants to help us build Virgin Cards and Savings, can you DM me? Only pros, we need some extra help. :slight_smile:

MBNA - a couple of more weeks.


You mentioned multiple different recurring payments a while back - any news on that? I pay different amounts to O2 on two occasions a month but the app sees it as a varying payment every 2 weeks.

(Edoardo Moreni) #1001

Yes, 2-3 days.




I’m currently boycotting Virgin for being crap. (sorry)


Ha that would be a long list…


I’ve seen an announcement of a PISP transaction, at least in test form


I’ve just linked my Wealthsimple account and it works great. Plenty others I’d like to link too : Evestor & Moola.

Marketplace launching next week

(Grant MacGregor) #1007

Looks great!

(Edoardo Moreni) #1008

Spoiler alert.

(Grant MacGregor) #1009

Any clues with regards to the marketplace?


(Grant MacGregor) #1011

I meant what will the marketplace offer?

(David Allardice) #1012

Any plans to connect with Marcus? I know it’s new but seems to have a fairly fast take-up.


I really like Emma but I seem to have a knack for picking products that they don’t support (yet). They support a range of crypto but I have Bitpanda. They’ve just announced support for Wealthsimple but I have Wealthify! No Sainsbury’s bank plans yet either (although Virgin are planned).

I’ll have to just keep using a combination of Yolt and Emma. Between them they’ve got most of my banks etc covered!


Just saw the latest email from emma about the marketplace, interesting development!

Bit disappointed that MBNA integration is still ‘in the next few weeks’ when we were told it would be here in ‘a couple of weeks’, a couple of weeks ago!