Emergency Category

Anyone think that an Emergency Category might interesting.

For example:

You get into a car accident. (Touch wood this does not happen) and you have a rainy day pot or regular savings pot. So take money out and spend it on your insurance or place to get it fixed.

Another example may be your son’s/daughters school holiday, Dentist appointment, new glasses, Stuff like that.

Rather than taking out of your usual allowance, you should be able to mark it down as an emergency/one-off purchase.

But still show up on your Summary page so you can see it all at a quick glance??

Let me know if it sounds silly.

I have an emergency pot that should cover most of the things you’ve listed. Anything major and I’ve got insurance for that.

On the off chance that I need to dip in, I can then exclude the transaction from summary if I wanted.

Why would you want a category for this? In case you forget later and want to look back?

Hopefully such ‘emergencies’ would be few and far between so I don’t think a category would be needed. I’d probably just add a note or more likely a note with a #emergency tag?

I’d probably just add a note or more likely a note with a #emergency tag?

Definitly this.

If you were to spend 100 on an emergency car repair, would this then come under transport or emergencies? The catergories are for what you spend money on… not the reason you have spent it.

i think some sort of yearly budgeting would be more useful for
Big ticket items
Currently i have a £100 shopping budget, but if i needed to replace the washing machine
lets say £350 thats my budget messed up.

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