Email Receipts in Monzo

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Race to 10k!

Well, I missed the exact moment we went over £10k - but we did it! Considering this project started less than a month ago, I’m super excited to have gotten this far. Thanks for everyone who’s helped with ideas, submitting emails, helping to test, moral support and especially to those who have helped fund the project!

So what’s been happening?

Well as part of the plan mentioned previously I’ve been working on upgrading old merchants - this is a lil tedious but makes them more reliable and easier to upgrade. There’s still a few, more complicated ones, like Asda still left behind - but I’m looking to redo these ones entirely in order to get wider support for those receipts.

I’ve also added 10 new merchants (including Travel for London, bringing the total up to 43) and added another 12 testers (bringing the total up to 75, 83 currently whitelisted)

I’m continuing to migrate over the old merchants, especially where issues are happening.

The next “big” thing is looking into how I can use attachments to enhance receipts. This will let me attach images on to your transactions. This could be something like a QR code used for your train or cinema ticket, or a map of the route your Uber took.

I’m also always open for suggestions - if you have other ways that I could enhance these receipts beyond just supporting more merchants I’d love to hear!


Yoyo Wallet, which powers the apps for Caffe Nero, Soho Coffee and other cafes, offers downloadable CSV receipts in their app.

Also, TfL is actually Transport for London, rather than Travel for London.

That’s hilarious :joy: I did know that… but for some reason my mind switched when dealing with the acronym for so long that I switched it up. Thanks for the correction!

Feel free to DM me a copy of a CSV from Wallet, now the infrastructure is in - it’s a 5 minute job to support!

edit:// Support has been added! (Looks like they have a few different formats, so made it more generic and is handling all fine by looks of it!)

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Thanks for adding me I have tried forwarding an amazon email to my unique email and it’s for one item but keeps failing.

Finally I can have a record of all my trips on the Danglewire Emirates Air Line! Just what I needed!

Amazing to see TFL integration though :slight_smile: looking forward to trying that out when instructions are up!

If you need help with a specific email then please DM me the details.

Couple people have tried this already (and someone guessed it :joy:) Just need to download the “Journey History” CSV from TfL and attach that to an email you send in.

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Hmm, I’ve just tried that, and both the files for September and August “failed to find a receipt”

Is there a limit to the file size or anything?

DM’d you.

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Just realised that Vue is now supported too -:raised_hands:

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Ooft this thread has been quiet for a few days :scream:

This has mostly been down to myself taking a short break to see how many issues happen when I’m not constantly updating things! I can say that this has been mostly successful with only a handful of issues being found.

We’ve now handled nearly 800 receipts in total, with 94 being the most we ever had in a single day (91 of which passed)!

Support has been added for Papa Johns, Dbrand, and ChainReactionCycles (at the direct request of testers).

Another 10 people have just been whitelisted (emails being sent out now!).

A couple testers and I have been doing some speed tests this week - and we’ve seen an average speed of about 12 seconds from when an email has been sent. (Considering you were lucky to get it in under 12 minutes when we first started, that’s massive!).


Great work mate.

I know I have spoken to you on Slack but would you mind posting a mini road map of what you plan on doing with the project in the future :slight_smile:


The difficult part of creating a roadmap is that everything could (and has) changed based on what people have suggested. If you, or anybody, came to me tomorrow with a great idea then I’d take time to look at that!

In general the things (in no particular order) are currently:

  • Add Attachment Support (Self Hosted and Cloud Hosted)
    • This will improve searching. It also enables me to start adding receipt-specific imagery such as QR codes for cinema tickets or a map of your Uber trip.
  • Update Notes to include “#unfurler” or some other constant in order to improve searching.
  • Numerous improvements to the admin panel side of the project which will enable me to more easily debug broken receipts.
  • API driven receipt enrichment
    • This is something I’ve done a small prototype in already but means I can use secondary APIs to enhance the data from the receipt where it’s not included. This could mean adding nutritional information, more accurate sub-item pricing, and more.
  • Continue to migrate old merchants (and make minor display improvements like removing the (£0.00) on some sub items)
  • Add support for credit transactions and refunds through a bit of a workaround
    • Explore (but probably won’t use in the first MVP) the HMRC API to see how usable it is
  • Allow users to authenticate with Google to automatically setup filters.
  • Improvements to the Gmail filter page, and add step by step guides for Gmail and other common tools.
  • Add support for logging in using IMAP
    • A couple people have asked for this and would prefer it over forwarding. It will be completely optional.
  • Create a page to manually create a receipt and add it to a transaction
  • Lots of improvements to the site (including a better authentication flow for existing users)
  • Other ideas but so far down the priority list they’re not even worth mentioning

I’m of course not going to stop adding support for more merchants, and updating existing ones to be more reliable. This’ll be handled on a case by case basis. The order of contents of this may all change based on suggestions from the community (I’d encourage it!)


Yes please :grin:

Or logging in by IMAP which sounds great too!


This might already be possible, but could a future improvement be to tie more than one email address to a Monzo account? My amazon orders emails are sent to an old Gmail account - when I forward them within outlook it defaults to sending from that Gmail rather than my email. Only when it then doesn’t work do I realise I need to change the sender!

If you’re talking about this project in particular, the email in which you send from has no impact. The only thing that’s important is the email you forward to.

So you can forward from 10 different email addresses, as long as they all end up at your unique email address I provide you with.


I’ll DM you - may be an issue on my end.

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For anyone else wondering, looks like I no longer have “Send as Alias” privileges for my Gmail account from my account. So it looked like I was forwarding the mails, and not hitting any error messages but they weren’t actually going anywhere!

I am going to have to ask a silly question I’m afraid. I am already a whitelisted user, and have sent a few emails manually to be processed which worked brilliantly so generally an excellent idea and project. I ahve also had a few emails I forwarded which failed so I wondered; do you have a guide for which emails to forward automatically ? I am initially thinking about emails from Amazon, but I assume you have already identified a bunch of sender email addresses + subject lines which can be used to create the relevant forwarding rules? Do you ahve a help sheet/how to / list I can create the rules from?



At present there isn’t an amazing solution for this - it’s on my list of improvements I’m looking to make (see the “roadmap” a few comments earlier).

All I recommend is looking at the merchants list on the site, and forwarding any emails from those merchants.

If you have any failures feel free to DM me the details and I’ll investigate