Elon Musk has bought Twitter

In “Possible Signs that Twitter is Creaking Under Everything and may Fall Over”:

More and more when I click on a tweet to see the rest of the thread, I’m getting a ‘this tweet is not available’ message. And it’s not because Musk is trying to censor those who disagree with him because I’ve had it happen with his tweets too.

In each case, the tweet hasn’t been deleted, it’s still there. But I have to go back and forth a couple of times before it works.


I’ve noticed that too. And despite everything Musk seemed focussed on his ‘Freedom Friday’ where he reinstated a load of disgusting bigots to the platform.

I’m not shocked he made that call, but it seems an odd sense of priorities all things considered!

Talking of which…

Those numbers. Those damn numbers.


Just lol

In short, Twitter will either crash, or it won’t.

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Oh no, the cursed ratio.


""email me a bullet point summary of what your code commits have achieved in the last ~6 months, along with up to 10 screenshots of the most salient lines of code.”


Screenshots of bits of code? Why screenshots? It’s text! It’s (hopefully) in version control, which musk has access to. WTF is a ‘salient line of code’ anyway since it’s all part of a whole. You wouldn’t ask a builder to send a photograph of the most important bricks.

The bullet point summary looks like he wants to keep the kind of bulshitter who could make a list like that look impressive, and get rid of the ones just quietly fixing stuff.

The last people we ever wanted to be able to access our repositories were management!


If anyone ever doubted that the content moderation council was a facade, well, you’re right. He’s showing his true colours once again.

Free speech on new Twitter = right wing viewpoints that Elon agrees with


He made it worse.

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No matter how neutral you think you are, you cannot be in charge of it yourself. There has to be a group policy etc.

Otherwise even the slightest bias will result in chaos.


And even if you are Free Speech Batman, no-one has the time in the day to moderate a community of millions alone.

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Wait… What?!



TBF I read it as ‘anything else’ just phrased badly. Although even then…

He’s bringing back the bots, the Nazis, the bad actors.

(And he’s still misusing the quote that actually means the opposite of what he thinks.)



At this point I just hope some remaining employee pulls the plug

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I think he’s using the ‘dei’ to refer to himself :smile:

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