Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime, etc)

The popular private models here, like the Xiaomi range, are limited to the same speed. I think it’s a fair restriction. There’s no need for them to go faster than that.


Do these have some sort of re-gen mode? When you’re going downhill and in a situation where gravity would push you over the limit it feels like the scooter is slowing you down without using the brakes. Almost like engine braking in a car.

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Certainly does . Helps you maintain a safe slow speed down hills .

New article here…

And here…

Same stuff really

I’d be interested to visit the pure electric store in Birmingham @simonb
What’s it like in there ?

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Couldn’t tell you as I haven’t been into the city centre since lockdown hit.

But I know the location, and it’s a lovely space. So I’m sure it’s great.

Yep but there’s also a mechanism named KERS which uses the downhill momentum to put energy back into the battery.

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This clearly isn’t the most flattering depiction of scooter riders, but I did chuckle. Even Monzo got a mention - “more JP Morgan than Monzo” :joy:

So people who ride scooters are a “menace” and “without helmets” :joy:

Just enquired at Halfords and they do scooter repairs such as innertube replacements and brake adjusting , so stuff the warranty wouldn’t cover . Had to phone up a few as one of them don’t do scooter repairs oddly

That article reads very anti-men.

Albeit, I’ve only ever seen men acting like idiots on the machines.

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They do indeed. There were 2 or 3 in the repair area last time I went to Halfords. Servicing is about £20 or so. But they also offer a subscription based service. I think it’s £30 to cover unlimited servicing in a year. However, that only applies if you have purchased the e-scooter from them directly. I think it’s great that they are offering this and gives potential owners the confidence to buy from them.

With that being said, Pure have something like a dozen physical stores now and I imagine offer a similar service.

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Yeah they only do work on scooters which they sell but not necessarily purchased from them if you know what i mean. Luckily they sell the M365 pro so I’d be ok :+1:t3:

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What an idiot

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An idiot for which bit?

Careless driving?
No insurance?
Otherwise than in accordance with a licence?

You do (at least) two out of those three each time you ride yours.

I agree with you, though. An idiot for riding it on the M11. :astonished:

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If they were “underage” why on earth where they allowed access to electric scooters ? Idiots like that will ruin it for everyone, riding around a shopping center ??!?

The problem with the media is they are quick to sensationalize misuse of the scooters but not all the trials which are probably doing ok

Where are the trials? I only knew of Middlesbrough.

Yes, the media does sensationalise. But some of the things reported I think we saw coming based just on how the existing, law-breaking, private users of these devices are seen to behave.

The law is behind on this, but the users of the devices treat them like toys, not like motor vehicles (which is what they are).

Pretty sure as @simonb said they are in Birmingham too ? Not too sure though

Wouldn’t say mines a “toy” but more a fun way to get around and an alternative to a push bike , a gadget if anything . I’ve rode one for over a month now and the speed I ride my bike casually is about the same as the scooter .

They are open to exploitation as kids definitely think they are toys and will no doubt give a bad name . Same as “boy racers” in their cars getting written off and rolled etc

They aren’t quite here yet, but they’ve mapped out the trial areas. There’s a tender process ongoing to choose the operators currently. Mayor is keen though so shouldn’t be much longer.

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Best part about it is 10” tubeless wheels Which are supposed to be easier to get off than the M365 pro and it’s IP rating is higher too
Not a fan of the screen though it looks really cheap