Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime, etc)

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What an idiot

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An idiot for which bit?

Careless driving?
No insurance?
Otherwise than in accordance with a licence?

You do (at least) two out of those three each time you ride yours.

I agree with you, though. An idiot for riding it on the M11. :astonished:

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If they were “underage” why on earth where they allowed access to electric scooters ? Idiots like that will ruin it for everyone, riding around a shopping center ??!?

The problem with the media is they are quick to sensationalize misuse of the scooters but not all the trials which are probably doing ok

Where are the trials? I only knew of Middlesbrough.

Yes, the media does sensationalise. But some of the things reported I think we saw coming based just on how the existing, law-breaking, private users of these devices are seen to behave.

The law is behind on this, but the users of the devices treat them like toys, not like motor vehicles (which is what they are).

Pretty sure as @simonb said they are in Birmingham too ? Not too sure though

Wouldn’t say mines a “toy” but more a fun way to get around and an alternative to a push bike , a gadget if anything . I’ve rode one for over a month now and the speed I ride my bike casually is about the same as the scooter .

They are open to exploitation as kids definitely think they are toys and will no doubt give a bad name . Same as “boy racers” in their cars getting written off and rolled etc

They aren’t quite here yet, but they’ve mapped out the trial areas. There’s a tender process ongoing to choose the operators currently. Mayor is keen though so shouldn’t be much longer.

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Best part about it is 10” tubeless wheels Which are supposed to be easier to get off than the M365 pro and it’s IP rating is higher too
Not a fan of the screen though it looks really cheap

Are they popular in Birmingham? Only seen a handful around here

Yeah. I’ve probably seen about 15 M365s and Pro’s just in my local area in the past 3 months. Given that I haven’t been outside much in that time that feels quite significant. Even this time last year I was already seeing a handful in my area and also in the city centre.

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Not sure if this has already been mentioned but Bolt seems to be testing scooters soon

Not to be confused with Bolt, a Usain Bolt scooter company https://www.micromobility.com/ :sweat_smile:

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Not sure why when you had mentioned KERS, I just think of F1 and will there be chances to also use DRS on a straight :rofl:

Electric scooters on reddit is gaining loads of new members every week

Most things on Reddit gain many new users every week, it’s not news


Well it is because it indicates they are becoming more popular

Seen more round here lately too

/r/ILoveAsianWhores and /r/MonsterPegging are also becoming very popular. Just FYI.

(from: https://redditmetrics.com)


I wouldn’t necessarily correlate Reddit followers of a topic with popularity of real world things. Reddit is famously a bubble.

I have. There is a kid in his early teens who spends all day riding it around the block at full speed, taking tight, blind corners as he whizzes through the parking lot. I was reversing into my spot yesterday which is next to one of these blind corners – had he come round the corner I’m pretty sure he would’ve crashed into my car causing a significant amount of damage which he wouldn’t have been able to pay to rectify because a) he’s a child and b) his motor vehicle is being operated without a licence or insurance

There are some other, more questionable ones on that list. Not sure if these are also things that people need to be interested in because Reddit says so?

All those combined with electric scooters? What sort of people are riding these things :rofl: :wink: