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Hi there…my 17 brother wants to join Monzo and has only just signed up to the electoral register. It will take around 6-8 weeks to appear. Should he wait until he appears before he applies for a Monzo account? Or don’t they check for this during the application process. I understand they perform ‘soft’ checks but not entirely sure what they look for?

Tell him to give it a go. No harm in trying! Once monzos processed the paperwork and handled the identification they will let you know if there’s any issues

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I believe Monzo have multiple ways of verifying identity - from electoral roles, through credit applications (if he’s got a mobile phone contract, he’ll have a credit record) and other methods (if he’s got any sort of a driving licence or passport, they may ask that to be recorded in a selfie video for validation etc).

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I wouldn’t worry about appearing on the electoral register before signing up for a Monzo account. We use a variety of different methods to verify your identity, the main being photo ID submitted through the app at signup. :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting an overdraft after signing up is a bit of a different story but that’s not something I work on or know much about.


Thanks all - really helpful. I’ll ask him to apply!

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