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I feel like we should have a chat about how useless EE are sometimes

Sorry, but this is going to be a rant. They charged me for a eSIM download, that didn’t work and they won’t refund it and asked me to spend time out of my day trailing into down with my passport (I have no drivers license) to get an eSIM pack, or wait maybe 3-4 days to get one in the post, like how inefficient can you be… They won’t give me a timeframe as to when the issue is fixed, they will not reply on Twitter either and god help you if you don’t get to speak to the team in Newcastle

I feel you can insert any company into that sentence. Even the best customer service fails from time to time.

I hope it gets resolved for you, though.


A few people have mentioned problems with the eSim download. Either activating it or downloading it.

I did this yesterday and no problems apart from I had to wait 4 hours for my eSim to activate.

I can’t really complain about EE they have been brill and their customer service. They’re just a little pricey, but then I’d pay the extra just to have a good provider.


Problems happen which is fine, but it’s farcical to charge for any eSIM download, let alone a failed one

I am with O2 and requested an eSIM for the 13 Pro Max. Arrived within one business day in the post, and was activated within 60 seconds of requesting the SIM swap

I might not be tempted to move to EE after all


Every time I’ve spoken to them on the phone they’ve been nothing but great, it just seems like they’ve gone downhill - I had someone helping me via Twitter DM in July for a different issue and I’m still waiting on them replying. I have @ them a few times too, on their ‘good morning from EE tweets’

Twitter and tag @MarcAllera they will soon reply :joy:.

EE was alright customer service, coverage is by far the best but most expensive.

My contract at present is with O2 and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Coverage is fine, internet is absolutely shocking and some major capacity issues going on that they refuse to acknowledge or fix or explain what’s wrong.

My guess is upgrading all backhaul systems which is causing havoc and one day it’ll go back to performing well, but for now, using a Lebara sim unlimited £12.50pm and as it’s Vodafone backed it’s a perfect all rounder for connectivity.

Smarty was also great but the work they keep doing locally throws me on 3G a lot.

But yes, EE like to be difficult for no reason, but grabbing the right attention makes them respond asap.

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Just hope they eventually implement the eSIM transfer support that Apple added as part of quick setup / migration process.

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I can beat that! When I joined Vodafone earlier this year I selected eSIM for my iPhone and it arrived instantly, free of charge, in my email inbox. New contract with a new provider up and running with service on my phone in minutes, without needing to leave my sofa!

Later, when I decided I wanted to switch to physical SIM (due to the possibility of needing to use a replacement phone while mine was being fixed), Vodafone support posted a new one out 1st class, again free of charge.


Funnily enough this was mentioned yesterday when talking to an EE rep over the phone.

I asked what the drawbacks were of an ESim and he told me. One of the things was if I was to upgrade to a newer phone, there is no way to transfer my number over to the new phone without going into an EE store and getting a new eSim pack. He said “If apple integrate this in the future, who knows but it would be useful”

I didn’t say this but I thought it. “Apple already do this in America. it’s EE which makes it more complicated and harder to do.”

Another thing I mentioned. I said the esims are far too easy to delete. If someone knew how to and wanted to sabotage my phone. I said it should be “the person has to insert their pass code before the profile gets deleted”

He agreed and said I was not the first to say this and wouldn’t be the last.


O2 provide the esim pack and tell you to keep it incase you need to move it to another phone or it removes itself for whatever reason.

Not a clue where mine is tbf.

I have my original pack (Can be used twice) only used it once, now invalid… so

I thought the eSIM pack is only in case you need to reactivate it on the same phone as it’s not transferable

The guy didn’t know what he was talking about to be fair. Initially gave me a 4G esim pack. I said is this gonna work 5G, he said yes it’s the only one they do.

Went to a 5G area… nothing. Had to get a 5G esim pack to get it to work.

I’m not looking forward to trailing into town this afternoon, but I will have to do it, I am running off a PAYG on Three and it’s like taking it back to GRPS speeds on ‘5G’ with Three, I got 2mbps down on 5G when I tried yesterday…

May have just clocked 5G but then lost it hence the icon showed but connectivity not there, could also mean they’re testing the area so probably not linked up fully, but checking the reach and possible amount of devices that connect.

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That could be correct, yes. Maybe the service is chocking too. Could be a lot of things really causing the slow speed (could be PAYG users get limited 5G speed, so they don’t burn their credit)

There wouldn’t be any difference in pay and go vs contract on Three as far as I’m aware.

5G is created so there isn’t any capacity issues, though is dependant on 4G so if that was packed out or having works done then it’s possible.

Putting the postcode in Three status checker will indicate if work is being done; and also confirm the actual coverage of 5G.

Slightly off topic though so let’s keep it on track before we get shouted at :joy:

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Update - did the same process via the website and it still wanted to activate the old eSIM from when I tried and failed to switch to Android, I am sure I told the phone rep that - Had to spend another 50p, BUT it’s added to my new iPhone successfully

Complain and get the fees back. Tell them you’ve been treated unfairly.

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I may very well do that and get my £1 back :smiley: