Editable targets

Right now you can only change the value of the targets by tapping the -/+ buttons, but for big amounts that can become tedious.
I realized that after multiple taps and by keeping the button pressed down the amount grows faster but that makes it hard to fine tune the value after reaching the desired ‘big number’, unless you wait like half a second :weary:

My solution would be:

  1. Click on the number field
  2. Select all the target digits
  3. Bring up a number pad to change the value manually
  4. Save the value on focus/selection lost

Should be an easy fix/feature


I read that as Edible Targets. I was really keen to see how that would play out. :innocent:


It’s the same way to add a custom amount to a pot so I’d imagine would be easy to implement

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Please don’t assume this (to avoid disappointment), sometimes this stuff’s harder than it looks because of everything it’s linked to / could be linked to in the future :sweat_smile:

I assume that Monzo chose this design because they wanted to encourage certain behaviour (don’t ask me what) so I’m not sure they’ll want to change it..

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