Easy changes still take time!

Just to get this off my chest…

There are many wonderful ideas posted to the forum, even if I don’t want/don’t agree with some of them, that’s always based on MY usage of Monzo and I can usually see how a suggestion may help others.

But there is no ‘easy/quick’ change in software. Please stop presuming that!

(There are always design considerations, software flags/workflows, testing, cross-platform considerations, UI design/flow… etc)

OK. As you were!


There are lots of quick changes in software. The (various)testing phases/release processes however …


More importantly, the feedback from those processes.

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Absolutely agree. Continuous improvement :+1:

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Ugh. Yes, if you are the developer the change is quick but Monzo isn’t software, it’s a product.

I’m sure there are other hairs to be split…

But this is a product. Hence, things rightly take more time.



Is it a product though? I think of a product something that I can purchase and do with what I will(and in software terms take that product and install/host it where I wish). Is a bank account not a service?

Hairs, hairs everywhere


It’s a product in the sense of “a thing or person that is the result of an action or process”, as opposed to “an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale”, although arguably it’s both.

I’ll refine. Monzo is a product/service as opposed to pure software.

Software - Pretty sure we could get everything we wanted coded into Monzo if it was running on github or some such, but it would be a hodge podge of code, ideas, features and be a complete mess to use.

Product/Service/Not just software - requires analysis, design, UI, workflows, testing, etc etc.


It’s an interesting concept. We all have a smartphone. When we bought it, we bought three things;

  1. There’s the physical components, which are clearly a product.

  2. There’s the software (Android or iOS) which is arguable whether it’s a product or service.

  3. There’s the software updates, which have to be a service. Don’t they?

Does an app equal a product, or a service?

It’s an important distinction with reference to Brexit. Because the withdrawal agreement sees products being tariff free, but services being subject to tariffs.


I have noticed a trend for software to be rented and hosted by the creator and in that way they can levy monthly charges for evermore.

Someone should sweep the hairs up, it’s like a barber’s round here.

Yup and that’s software as a service. Not a product

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The presumption of presumption is in itself presumptive, and especially so with the exclamation mark used.
I also found your post patronising (unless it was sarcastic?)
Would you like to share the specific reason(s) you posted or was it cumulative frustration?
I hope your chest has improved.
(Is Monzo both a product which offers a service and a service which offers a product?)


Say it louder for the people in the back!

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Probably because a lot of people say things like:

“Why can’t you just implement X that does Y, it shouldn’t take long”
“I can’t believe Monzo haven’t done X all it does it Y”

The topic then turns more into a discussion on educating people that things need testing, maintaining and things that appear simple to use are not always simple to code and so on. This then concatenates because it also needs testing against all the other features and those too might need changes… blah, blah, blah…

I don’t think there was any malice behind what the OP was saying :slight_smile:


neither did I (think there was any malice)


@Woz - This is exactly why.

I apologise if you found it patronising. :man_shrugging:

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…no need and no problem, but thanks.
The broader point was, (as a sweeping generalisation) I haven’t really picked up a high level of impatience by posters on here so I was rather surprised by your post and wondered if something specific had triggered it. Most posters seem to understand that development and testing takes time.
A much bigger frustration for me is when I know that something which really bugs me in the app, but is an intended feature with unintended consequences, isn’t fixed to my liking or at all.

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My perception is that there has been a rise in ‘new feature’ requests which include a view that it would be an ‘easy/quick’ change to make. And I’m sure most posters do understand that analysis, design, development, and testing take time but the many of the comments don’t seem to reflect that.

My perception only. YMMV.

And my main frustration is the ‘I WANT X’ style request which seems to forget that other people use the app. I have been very vocal about NOT wanting the Pulse Graph, but my request was to allow me to switch it off, not remove it altogether… a little consideration of others, both the users, and the people building the service/product as well wouldn’t go amiss.

Or maybe I was just grumpy that day…

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Eh? I can do easy/quick changes no problem. I can also break prod, but I don’t think that’s related.