Easy Access Savings - How many can you hold?

Sorry if this seems obvious but I cannot seem to find this out anywhere. How many Easy Access Savings Pots can you have? Is it just one or can you have multiple. I’m considering the Investec ones?

If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated!


I’ve got 3 open but not actually sure on what the limits are as a grand total

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I have 6.

4x Paragon
1x Charter
1x Shawbrook

Ah that’s great, thanks. I currently have similar elsewhere earning a pittance! Want a few pots for different things but all earning some interest.


Also it is possible to hold any interest accruing pots jointly?

Heya :wave:

The maximum number of Pots regardless of its type (Regular, Easy Access or Fixed) that you can hold in your account is 20.

It is also possible to hold interest accruing Pots in your Joint Account too :blush:

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Amazing Thank you! :partying_face:

Is the limit also 20 in a joint account?

So you could have a total of 40

Yup, this is correct :muscle:

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So just to be clear I could open multiple pots which have interest with Investec for example??


Only one ISA a year (I know that wasn’t your request, just making it clear)

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