Early payment twice

Sorry just a quick question I have two lots of wages due tomorrow from different jobs one has gone in on a early payment I’m just checking you cant get two early as only one showing there dont normally fall on same day

You can get as many pay earlys as you like. The only criteria is that they’re sent by BACS.

It’s not just your salary either, could be cashback, refunds or anything.

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Thankyou I’m just worried as one has gone in early and I thought the other one might but then thought maybe you can only have one early payment on the same day if that makes sense

Putting pay early to one side. If your payment is due tomorrow it should be showing in your feed at some point today. If it doesn’t appear then you’ll need to double check that you’re due a second payment and when.

Thankyou I never see my wages on feed until the day before on early payment just never happened when they have been due on same day

Usually smaller companies don’t use BACS, they’ll send via scheduled faster payment instead… this means you won’t get that payment early :disappointed:

There both normally sent by bacs but maybe this month they haven’t Il just wait till morning …thankyou

Just to say I’ve had two bacs credits this week! One is due tomorrow and has been showing as pending since just after midnight (yes I was waiting for it lol) and I’ll claim it at 4pm today . My point is that if your other payment isn’t showing now then it probably won’t appear at all today.
As has been said it’s probably worth checking with whoever is issuing it to you.

Good luck and happy Christmas. :wave:

Thankyou you too

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