Dynamic pot withdrawal until payday


I’m using pots to budget my monthly allowance, i.e. I withdraw 1/30 each day to the main account to easier hit my goal. However, sometimes I have unexpected expenses, and the remaining amount will not cover the month’s rest. When that happens, I manually adjust the amount it should withdraw. It would be nice if this could be automated.

Sounds like you need a combination of bills pot and using a virtual card to spend from a pot. Both take money straight from your pot automatically.

There is no other way for Monzo to know what your “unexpected expenses” are and then calculate how much it needs to withdraw from your pot each day.


They don’t need to know.

All I want is a dynamically set withdraw amount based on the value in the pot until payday.

It seems a bit niche so i cant see it happening anytime soon. Monzo recently built the two features i mentioned earlier for those who want to spend from pots.

RIP the engineer who would have to code the logic to do that.

Interesting idea but too niche I reckon. Then again you never know…

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