Dynamic pot creation based on scheduled/regular payments

Within the interface of the scheduled payments screen, it would be good to be able to click on any payment, and set up a pot with pre setup deposit/withdrawals based on how much the payment is and how regular it is, down to saving daily for a weekly payment kind of thing, somewhat doubt whether that level will be needed by anyone but as a demonstration of the kind of flexibility I’d like

Ofcourse you can do the maths to sort this out for yourself but nothing quite beats a slider and an interface to make it easy

Personally I get paid every 2 weeks but most regular payments are monthly so if it were easy to set up I’d use it for allot, and maybe some people wouldn’t even think to set this up unless it’s offered in a neat interface

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So mad how some people make their reading level other peoples problems, pretty simple :blush:

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Considering I have a first class degree in English, I think probably more so your problem than mine. :smirk:

Adorable that you flash that in comment sections as if it makes you some authority in how things should be written :rofl: literally re read it multiple times, whats so hard to understand about setting up pots based on scheduled payments, definitely all on you

It won’t happen so it doesn’t really matter that you can’t understand it.

Jesus forums are so toxic


Breaking news: person faced with toxicity, responds with the same energy

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