Dumb Q: do I need to contact the supplier to revise a direct debit?

I want to transfer a few direct debits over to Monzo. I’m not quite there in terms of making the full switch with CASS.

Do I have to contact all of my suppliers for the setting up of a DD or is there another way of doing it?

No other way without CASS. You’ll need to work through each organisation in turn to give them the new details. A lot is Internet-able these days so not as painful a task as it used to be.

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Hi, yes just call each one and do it yourself. DO NOT DO A PARTIAL CASS SWITCH.

The Cass Switch doesnt work very well unless you do a FULL switch. I did partial and ALL of my DD we cancelled from Lloyds and NON setup on Monzo. Was a nightmare (this is the fault of the companies and not Monzo)


Urgh! Ok. Well that’s the weekend gone down the pan then! :wink: Thanks.

Sounds awfully painful. I did a partial CASS and things were/are okay (:crossed_fingers:) but if this a common experience then you might want to proceed with caution.

If calling up individually is difficult, you could potentially do a partial switch and only choose a few DDs to trial it out. Or you could decide that the risk isn’t worth it and do it manually…

I’d second Tom in saying don’t do a partial switch, because a lot of people have had problems with them.

It’s too risky as it depends on merchants and you’ll have to fix the mess yourself if payments are missed.

I did partial and worked fine but I only have two DD and no standing orders :man_shrugging:t3:

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I’d second this. Do a partial switch for the less important aspects then do the more critical ones manually.

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I did the majority of mine in my lunch hour back in September. There was only one company I had trouble with setting it up.

Most companies should allow you to change details online if you have online accounts with them.