DuckDuckGo launch a new email protection service

This wouldn’t bother me much, if I really needed to engage with CS via email I could just change the email on account first to the one I’d use or go through whatever verification exists (which will exist because lots of people reply to things using different email addresses, eg their work address).

This would probably only be relevant about once a year to me, so not a huge hassle.

Oh it’s not a hassle; like I said when it’s happened it’s always been a case of “what was the previous email and confirm your name” or something to that extent. It likely was more just to pull up system records, rather than outright refuse to engage on a different email address.

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Depending on the company, it can be a hassle. ASDA flat-out refused to talk to me after I emailed them from the wrong email address, even after I re-sent the email from the right email address.

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