Dual categories

So, I’ve just come back from holiday in Paris (ooo la la), where for the first time I took no money, and didn’t do the old exchange at the post office trick before leaving, completely relying on my mondo card.

Completely flawless - However… Now I’m in the situation where all my spending, is under entertainment, transport etc… Ideally, I’d want to tag it with two categories, yes - It’s transport, but it was on holiday… It counts, but I don’t want to see it as transport - It’s holiday transport.

For now, I’ve gone and categoriesed everything as “Holidays” but as I say, it would be nice to have dual categories so I can say it was “eating out” on Holiday :slight_smile:

Food for thought? (I may be missing something!)


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What about putting Holiday in the notes?

I’ve started putting notes on everything to identify things further. Not ideal but it’s a little help