Drop menus do not work


I was trying to create a new topic from the my mobile device and the drop menu didnt work. i selected and it only opened for an instance i had to trick it to stay open and then when i made my selection the selection didnt register

(Hugh) #2

Hmm, this doesn’t sound right.
Which device and browser are you using?

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #3

Interesting :thinking:

Monzo Community is based on “Discourse” which is a forum software. If you could provide the following information, I’m sure it could be flagged to be checked. :slight_smile: Don’t worry if you can’t get the information, but if you could, it’d be much help!

  • Device Model,
  • Operating System Version,
  • Browser,
  • Browser Version,


Samsung s7, android 7.0, chrome for android