"Drinks" Category

(George Welch) #1

The categories section so far is very good but I personally would find a “Drinks” category very useful.

Being a Londoner I often go for beers/drinks with friends and colleagues, and as a London based company I can only assume this is a common occurrence for you, but at the moment I have to put these into the “Entertainment” category. As I leave "“Eating Out” for actual food/dinner.

I know I can ‘tag’ them but that is harder to see from the top down level on the spending tab.
Tagging is also quite labour intensive, especially if you go out on a night and order lots of drinks.
This would also be useful for coffee drinkers.

I appreciate you don’t want to overwhelm the spending tab with options but I think for British company this would fit in well with your key market and largest user group.

Spending category for alcohol
(Jedihomer Townend) #2

At the moment I put my drinks in the Entertainment category then add a note with a beer emoji so that it’s obvious what it is and have the ability to scarily search and see how much I spend on beer.

Not a complete solution, but a hack in the mean time whilst other categories are decided on…

(Jonathon) #3

This is what I do too, but I really do think that a lot of people would benefit financially from a system that clearly shows things like alcohol, coffee, cigarette spend etc, as these are things a lot of people might be unaware just how much they are spending on and it could really help to do so easily.

I know, before anyone says, that there are ways of doing it. I’m talking about a super simple way like a category (or dare I say it, eventually a sub-category!)

(Danny) #4

I use entertainment coz I entertain :sunglasses:

(Alex Rogers) #5

With this, you can use the information to show things like “You’ve spent £25 on cigarettes / takeaway this week, in a year that equates to £1300.” Think I can safely say that I spend way too much money on take away, and with that visual eye opener it may make me think twice before clicking that order button.

(Jonathon) #6

For sure!

(Jack) #7

Drinks go under entertainment for me also.
Going out for some drinks to me is a social , entertainment type thing.


I also put drinks under entertainment. Unfortunately, my drinks spend tends to dominate the category to the point that everything any other entertainment spend isn’t noticeable…

(Nick Taylor) #9

It seems really inconsistent whether a bar defaults to Entertainment or Eating Out. I use Eating Out (since all my non-alcoholic drinks go there too), while Entertainment is more for books, cinema etc.


I would love to have a drinks category as well! It helps to get a better overview of leisure spend.

(Dave) #11

I found it really strange that there isn’t a drinks category too. Mine also goes under entertainment but again it is the main thing that goes into entertainment and makes cinema trips etc indistinguishable.

(Tamjid Lasker) #12

When buying cigarettes I usually buy other things with it, like a drink or something. Monzo won’t be able to pick up the cigarette costs alone. It usually lumps it with ‘Shopping’ as I buy from Sainsbury’s or Tesco etc.

It might be useful if we could split an expense across different categories, that way we can record our separate expenses from within the same purchase.

(Nathan) #13

Hopefully this can be integrated once they get similar logic for the bill splitting finalized perhaps.

Would work in a similar manner only you’re splitting it with yourself via different categories.

+1 for a drinks categories, like to distinguish my nights out/pints with the boys from my dates with the missus budgets


Would anybody else appreciate a category separate to the food and drink one that is just for alcohol? Sometimes I go out and have a drink without food and find it frustrating that I have to add up individually the difference between food and alcohol transactions. This would be especially helpful when trying to budget and reduce consumption!

(Jack) #15

I put drinks under entertainment as it’s socialising with friends.


There are a few additional categories I would like to have, but personally I’m fine with a single category to cover both eating and drinking out. Unfortunately everyone has a different opinion on categories…

(Jack) #17

To add you could use tags to differentiate:


For someone with an alcohol addiction it may be useful to help monitor, manage and control their consumption?

(MikeF) #19

This has come up before so I’ve merged the threads for ease of searching. :slightly_smiling_face:


The only problem with a Drinks category is it includes Coca-Cola, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Smoothies, etc.

For those with addiction problems having a more specific Alcohol category is more useful.