Dragon Crew Launch

I think it was. And yesterday too. But they ran into issues with the FAA.

I believe Elon Musk was getting a bit narked by it all.

However, at least we get some very cool pics of two rockets :rocket:

Intrigued whether the next launch will actually make the landing :thinking:

Should do, they managed to pin the cause of the heavy landing before down pretty quickly and it was just due to loss of pressure in the header tank, led to the raptor engine burning itself for fuel, I’d put pretty decent odds on it being flawless this time around :partying_face:

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SN9 now at final checkout stage for launch (LIVE: Starship SN9 Flight Test - YouTube)

Will it actually go? Will it land properly?

Where’s the popcorn?

Just a reminder to anyone interested that SpaceX will likely put up their own live stream right before launch with much higher quality and better located cameras, albeit with no commentary.

Keep an eye on their website / YouTube for it.



On to SN10…

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I’m just glad Starhopper survived.