Dozens (including Project Imagine and PI1) Discussion & Feedback

Could be right. I set a reminder :wink:

I guess they are still working on new notifications though now they are no longer issuing new bonds I suspect one for maturing bonds is less of a priority.

Perhaps the others are coming with the next version of the app…?

Appears standing orders are imminent. Hopefully black is too?

Black is still free for investors (I think). I think it’ll stay that way while they work out what the next version of the app looks like…

Yeah its still free. Not just for investors in Dozens (the company) though. It’s also free for people who were using the Dozens Invest shelf in Dec 2020.

I don’t think they’ll start charging for Dozens Black until the next version of the app is released.

Dozens Invest is extremely problematic (I’d say its the only investment platform I’ve ever used which is challenging to use, and I’ve probably had ISAs with 5-10 different providers). Nevertheless, because they haven’t been charging fees, I have almost 2 years of ISA subscriptions with Dozens spread across Grow and Invest. However, I’d definitely transfer out immediately if they start charging for Dozens Black with the app in its current state.

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That’s poor form tbh. It’s pretty hard for a fintech to get this wrong. What’s so problematic with their platform?

It’s easiest for me to link to relevant posts made on Dozens community rather than re-type…

To my mind here are the key issues

  1. Lack of in-app separation between ISA and GIA accounts (post refers to bonds in the Grow section but same issue exists in the Invest section)

  2. Lack of in-app information as well as general opacity on fee handling

  3. Inability to sell part of your holding in a fund (requirement to sell entire holding)

  4. Need to create multiple goals if you want to hold multiple funds

  5. Lack of in-app transaction list in Grow (which is currently where the cash portion of your Dozens Invest account is displayed)

All these things (and maybe other things I have forgotten about) make Dozens Invest extremely awkward to use.


But apart from those…:wink:

BTW I agree.

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