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(Rob) #147

In the vast majority of cases verification goes through fine and within minutes, but in some (for a whole range of reasons, including for our own testing and training) we need to run extra checks, including some manual processing by a specialist team.

I can’t comment (and don’t know) about individual cases but feel free to send an email ( if you have any concerns about your own process

(Nathan Steer) #148

It didn’t take long for the app to tell me that it couldn’t complete my verification (it didn’t notify me or anything though, I just peeked back in to check).

Unfortunately the button to check my details doesn’t seem to work :sob:


Hi Rob, could you take a look at my account please. I sent an email yesterday to support at 17:00

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #150

I’m confused.

I’m on the list – should I be registering in the app now, despite it not being officially ready? I’m just seeing lots of people going through the verification process and I’m sat here waiting for the email to tell me it’s time to do that?

(Dan) #151

You can download the app and do it now mate, then just wait in the queue!


I really enjoyed the podcast. Aritra came over as thoughtful and articulate, and I really enjoyed his different take.

Here are some of the things that stood out for me:

  • Dozens is the first brand under Project Imagine (the company). It’s being deliberately kept separate as they might want to target different demographics/services differently, or provide wholesale services.
  • they are targeting onboarding of the 1100 on the waiting list “early next year” (actually 2019 as the recording seems to have been in late 2018).
  • they have an e-money licence, with a Mifid licence imminent (expected before publication of the podcast). This gives them the necessary licences to launch.
  • they are looking to put the “fin” back in fintech
  • they’ve been running for a year on £5m seed funding. (Arita seemed quietly authoritative and very humble - he kept saying he got lucky)
  • they are looking to bridge the gap between the Monzo and Revoluts of this world and the Nutmeg/Hargreaves
  • the company is 80% women - not by design but attributed to the way they hired (no CVs)
  • the staff make up is 5 finance, 40 tech and 15 other folk
  • focused on the spender to saver to investor journey
  • they need about 100000 customers to break even
  • the 5pc bond will be protected in the short term by Imagine putting 105pc of the amount aside. It’s not scalable in the long term, but important to build trust and confidence in the short term.
  • Not really thinking about AI in the app - making the basics work. Does have a chatbot for help, though.

All in all I was super impressed. My thoughts:

  • I found the potential platform play interesting and reminded me of Starling - but better thought through upfront and nice distinction in branding. (I might be being unfair to Starling here, but I have no equivalent insight from them).
  • I wondered why build a current account type of thing - but I suppose the spending insights only really work - and the journey to cut down spending to start saving then investing - only works if they can see all the component bits.
  • there was no detail, but I was impressed that break even would be at 100k.
  • there was some implied criticism that (and I’m being much more explicit than in the podcast) the likes of Monzo and Revolut were finTECH, rather than FINtech (if that makes sense). Aritra was clear that they were coming at it from a financial perspective, but didn’t seem to be taking low shots at anyone, just exploring an alternative line of attack.
  • I did find myself wondering what he and Tom could cook up if they got on together. Or even if the investment and bonds that Dozens are looking at could end up in Monzo someday.

Edit: big point I forgot. I was left unclear about whether the plan is to become a bank. I wouldn’t use them for salary/spending unless they become properly authorised.

(Michael) #153

Thanks for the write-up

Only managed to get through the first half last night, but will get back to it

(Rob) #154

If you have sent an email, I should have replied. If this is about individual issues, please keep it in private channels (for security) :slight_smile:

As @Dan_R says (thanks!) go ahead and install the app. We will be getting in touch with everyone on the waitlist today to encourage this, but you can start now.

The process for sending access (or invite) codes to get you INTO the app is separate. We will start sending those soon, but you will have had to install the app and gone through the application before you can use it anyway.

Thanks @Peter_G - and for sharing on our community. I hope you get some equally great replies over there:slight_smile:

(Dan) #155

You’re welcome :wink: :nerd_face:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #156

That phrase was popular in the 80s. It doesn’t apply to ships with holes in.

(NM) #157

Viola black-ship with holes? :thinking:

(Punit Mannari) #158

Just got a email saying I can register for an account as I been on the waiting list.
Thought I will try it out.
Downloaded the app, input all my details and scanned my passport front page and took a short video of myself and then 2 min later says documents not accepted.
I thought I will try my visa card which states indefinite leave to remain and the. Not accepted again…now they have blocked the account…
The button does not work to try again
Never have had an problem with my passport or my visa card anywhere…
First time…
Probally best to stay away from them
App uninstalled…


I registered no problem.


Still in testing phase (as mentioned in email).
So problems should not be a surprise.


@rob_dozens stated in the thread below that the document verification is still being tweaked.

Document verification:
This is EXTREMELY important as you can imagine, so we want to get this right. There are a few cases where even small issues, particularly where the image is blurred, that users are getting notifications that their approval has been unable to be completed. We will follow up on these and tweak the process to make sure that these don’t happen too often.

(Punit Mannari) #162

The thing is it’s not blurred or anything…it scans the image automatically when it’s properly focused and not blurred…I don’t have to hit any button


Although it’s a shame you’ve had problems with registering, this is a tad harsh.

Unless you’re in real need of an account for whatever reason, I’d always approach new companies with an element of customer goodwill, especially early stage ones who’ve given little reason to impair such goodwill.

My 2 cents but hopefully your issues will be resolved soon and ultimately help make the product better.

(Punit Mannari) #164

The only reason I am saying this is I have never had any problem with my documents anywhere at all…now if they are not accepting my documents at registration stage, what would have happened if I actually had money in their account?
Any way I was only giving them a try…
I am happy with Monzo as my main account, Lloyd’s and n26 as my side account


It’s almost like they are still in a testing phase, and niggles could still happen.

If only they’d told us that… (spoiler alert, they have. Many times).

Perhaps wait until a service has fully launched before passing judgement on factors like the sign up process (and even then, I’d wait many months before expecting everything to be smooth).

Looking forward to more announcements next week!


While we wait for more announcements (and the app!), here’s a short video giving an overview: