Dozens Discussion & Feedback

(Splodf) #126

Really enjoyed that. Very insightful indeed.

I think Dozens may even emerge as Monzos real contender.


Early days but certainly more promising than Viola Black!

(Andrew Downing) #128

@rob_dozens any plans for a crowd funding round?

Podcast was really interesting!


I’m planning to only use the saving aspect of Dozens. I’ll use it like a savings account bank I guess. So am I right on believing that I can move £100 over to dozens, and they’ve them there to accumulate interest? Or do I have to go into the app and move them in a special savings zone? Am I right in believing that the £5 interest will be split over 12 months?

Also, there are no fees right?

Thanks and looking forward to it!

(Rob) #130

Pretty much, yes.

Moving money puts it in your current account, and you will then need to move it into your savings and specifically choose to buy an available bond. Once you’ve done that, yes, the interest is 5% p.a. and it will be paid on a monthly basis (so £5/12) over the 12 months. Nothing more you need to do.

Of course you will have other options (in time) and the easiest way to save and track your money will be to do it all in the one place, but there is no requirement (or fees) for just using the saving aspect. We believe everyone should be rewarded for saving, so happy to help!

Nothing yet to announce, … but it is not beyond the realms of possibility :wink:


Rob, if you carry on replying through the night we’ll know you’re a :robot: for sure!


Wow, that’s awesome! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the informative and detailed answers, makes me a lot more confident with using the bank.

(Rob) #133

That’s what you get when you check messages on the way home from the theatre :wink:

(saulie10) #134

I’ve signed up and on the waiting list just wondering when we will get access. Very excited about your product!!


There is nearly as much conversation on here about Dozens as there is on their own community board. All helps I guess. :grinning: R-

(Neil M) #136

I don’t want to be mean but the dozens forum at the moment is a bit quiet compared to here :joy::rofl:


Yes, you are right - I should have said “there is more conversation here … than there is on their…”

It is very quiet over there. Did you listen to the CEO podcast? I found it very enlightening.


(Rob) #138


Well, I have invited you all to speak to me over there instead :slight_smile:

I will be spending more time posting in the community soon, promise

Since we have yet to launch the app publicly, there aren’t lots of reasons for users to post, though numbers have started to increase. HOWEVER, that should all change next week … a sunny golden glow may be lighting your way around for a while :wink:



I’ve sent you an email back about my ID Aron :+1:

(Simon B) #140

We welcome all fintech conversation here, whether the company have their own forum or not! Every forum is different and unique, and we support all companies trying to do something in this space… a rising tide lifts all ships :blush:

Looking forward to checking out Dozens myself!


Seriously - not heard that one before - very good. R-


Checked the app this morning - big jump in registrations. R-

(Nathan Steer) #143

@rob_dozens Hey, I think there’s an issue with selecting mothers maiden name as your security question. Whenever I tried to set the answer I got a popup saying “Oops… something went wrong” (or something to that effect), I switched to a different security question and set an answer on that just fine though.

(Rob) #144

Thanks @Nsteer - as it happens I was just looking into that

Really appreciate the notification :slight_smile:


From the discussion on the podcast, that’s about 2% of the way to profitability…