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(Neil M) #106

That’s literally what my plan is so hopefully it’ll be fine :rofl::joy:

(Jordan) #107

Their recent Instagram posts states that they are FSCS protected (up to £50,000) so it would be fine - although I can’t find anything else other than the Instagram post to suggest the protection


Awesome, signing up now.

(Jordan) #109

As I say I can only see it on their Instagram (had a quick look on FSCS website and couldn’t see it there) - but this could be because they haven’t gone ‘live’ yet or are doing so piecemeal.

(Jordan) #110

Follow Up: they are FCA Protected and therefore under the FSCS website:

“The FSCS protects savings up to £85,000 with all banks, building societies and credit unions that are authorised by the PRA and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This applies to individuals and small businesses.”

So yeah, should be fine :grinning:


Awesome, thanks for taking the time to look!

(Jack) #112

I wasn’t aware the 5% savings account with them was now open…

Does signing up now mean you loose your waitlist bonus?

(Jordan) #113

This is what I’m unsure on! I joined the waiting list in late November/ Early December but haven’t heard anything but you can now join via the App - I think i’m just going to wait until they get back to me - I saw somewhere that they are planning to roll this out soon!


Anyone know if there is a minimum amount of account activity I have to do? I don’t want to put money in there to save, then have it close :frowning:


(Andy Freeburn) #115

I may be missing something really obvious but how have some people been holding accounts with them for a period of time? - I thought they were just in the sign up process

(Nathan) #116

Oh so if i signup through the app I wont get the £10 bonus?

Tried to last night but failed at the scan stage, it doesnt wouldnt identify my passport in whatever light i put it in.

(Rob) #117

really interesting question @o99. We are about to publish the full details of our bond on our website. Yes, the bonds will be listed, but listing is only relevant if you want to sell-on your bonds on the open market (what is called “secondary trading”) rather than dealing directly with Project Imagine/dozens. If you are dealing directly with PI/dozens then you can buy/sell your bonds at £100 (so no price fluctuation), and yes you will then get 5% p.a. with interest paid monthly

We will be offering the bonus payment to those who create accounts and whose email was on the waitlist at any stage. You do no need to wait for an invitation via the waitlist to download the app.

If you happen to have downloaded the app already but never found yourself on the waitlist then … get on the waitlist QUICK! When that closes, which is imminent, this particular offer will close.

Yes, that is possible, of course. We want to help everyone save. Of course we believe that our integrated offering works best when used to its fullest (so, tracking spending in order to budget and save), but there is no ‘usage’ requirement in the account in order to take part in any savings products.

Not quite yet. I think there was a reply above to a much earlier previous post that was not about dozens which may have confused matters.

See my comment above - if you are on the waitlist, this is what we will refer to. There is no special download link - anyone can download and install the app, and go through the application, at any stage.

(BTW, you probably realise this, but if you do download the app now, don’t forget to keep it updated as we are adding in fixes on a regular basis based on the testers’ feedback. That way, if you happen to get an invite code you will be ready to go!)

(Jack) #118

Thanks for that information @rob_dozens

Are you aware if dozens performs a soft or hard credit check upon signup and if so which one?

Many thanks


Thank you, I look forward to the full details. The main thing I am left wondering is if there is no price fluctuation and the 5% is guaranteed, where is the risk?

I assume there must be risk to offer rates that high. Furthermore, your website carries the warning - “When investing in a strategy, please be aware that the value of your investment may go down as well as up

(Rob) #120

@o99 More interesting questions.

I think the best thing will be if we post our more detailed information (we’re waiting for an update to our blog pages) and then we discuss these questions on our own community space, but I do have answers that I trust you will like :slight_smile:

Thanks Jack - yes, we do perform a soft credit check and this will currently appear as ‘onfido limited’ on a credit report (in case you were wondering who this was), but we will hopefully be changing that reference so future customers will know why this has appeared.

This is not a check that affects your score or history in any way, but it does show as an “inquiry against your report” that might visible to you but not other companies.


Happy to wait.
Where is your blog? I can’t find it.

(Rob) #122

That’s part of the update :wink:

We’re making tweaks to the dozens site and more news and a blog will be added shortly - but the community is always, and already, there for any more detailed discussions

(Jordan) #123

Is anyone else having an issue signing up? I’m getting Dozens Error Error 500 when I type my mobile number in :pensive:

(Rob) #124

Thanks for the note @JustJordds

The app (on both platforms) is being updated so there are issues with logging in at the moment. I hope this will be finished shortly and you will be able to log in to sign up again shortly.


Podcast with founder is insightful - looking forward to rollout even more now: