Dozens Discussion & Feedback

(JackO) #84

Just completed signup myself (well as far as we can go for now) :+1:

I’m quite looking forward to try this one out, certainly seems like an appealing proposition but we’ll have to see how it plays out.


Thanks. I got sent another code this morning (6 digits) tried that… computer said “no”. R-


Just signed up via my ipad as using iphone 5 and no iOS 11 :wink: looking at it for just the 5% savings :wink:


Is there more information on this bond somewhere?

Since it’s listed can I assume the value of the bond can go down as well as up and savers are exposed to such fluctuations in value?

The yield is being advertised as 5%. Is this guaranteed even if there are defaults?


Good questions. Really hope that @Rob_dozens is up for answering them - and explaining a bit more about the Dozens business model (how are they going to make money?).

(Alex Mayo) #89

It looks like MailChimp isn’t processing the tags properly.

I personally would not choose to use MailChimp for transactional emails, since any email that has been sent can be accessed by anyone who manages to get into the MailChimp account (even a rogue MailChimp staff member) which isn’t ideal for a bank. I would have thought Dozens would use their own MTA, since it’s cheap to set up and much more secure… :face_with_monocle:

(Michael) #90

I defer to your greater knowledge there!

(Nathan) #91

Anyone else have issues getting the scan on your id :thinking: wouldnt pick mine up for some reason

(Neil M) #92

Yup, it seems a little temperamental


My first attempt was rejected, I’ll try again tomorrow.

(Alex Mayo) #94

Yes it picked up my name, but put my middle name in the first name field :woozy_face: Although I’m not sure there is much to do about that, since some people have two first names, without hyphens.

Monzo had teething problems with verification back in the day too, that’s the problem with creating something from scratch. You never know how it’ll behave until us humans get our hands on it :grinning:

(Simon B) #96

I’m on their waiting list, interested to see what they have built. Seems pretty cool that they’ve (judging on screenshots) built roundups and IFTTT before launch.

(Andy Freeburn) #97

Just signed up - identify document wasnt detected correctly first time for me either (driving licence) and same issue of email received without clickable links but otherwise seamless onboarding


You automatically become a member once you open an account with them. I have their free account, transfer £1000 in and straight back out to meet the requirements to open a 5% savings account with them. It closes after a year and you get your interest paid then. But you just reopen it straight away, same high interest. I’m on my third year, third savings with them now. They are a great bank, definitely worth it.


Really tempted to sign up just for the 5% savings. Just worried if the bank goes down I’ll lose my money. Also worried about opening multiple accounts :confused:

(Neil M) #101

If you’re worried I would look towards Marcus (Goldman Sachs offering for a saving account) as that is much safer


It has a much lower interest rate. I’d be looking at saving small amounts as I don’t have that much money in the first place :laughing:

(Jordan) #103

I joined the waiting list just before Christmas but haven’t received anything about signing up - should I just join now via the App? I don’t want to lose the bonus for joining though :frowning: the savings account looks really good though.

(Neil M) #104

Ah fair enough, from what I can find out the bond is held in trust so it should not be too risky


Ok, awesome, thanks!

I’d be using Dozens as only a saving account - would this be fine? I don’t usually like transferring between banks too much.