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I expected around a week but three weeks was starting to look as if something was amiss, whether it was application lost or not enough staff or something else.

(Jordan) #858

I think it has been extremely busy over at Dozens, the launch, on-boarding customers, Bonds issuance and then the Crowdfund.

I hope they get back to you but I do sympathise that it hasn’t been the smoothest journey


I’ve been contacted by Rob so I think it will be sorted out. I don’t mind waiting if I have an idea of how long it might take.

(Vojtech Vrbka) #860

It’s on the Seedrs campaign page.

(Splodf) #861

It says 250-500k of bonds in March.

That’s just that month. There’s around 7m earmarked.

(Jordan) #862

They are siphoning off that money from the overall £1m March issuance specifically for Crowdfunders.

Then every month after will have an issuance of around £100k.

EDIT: This information is all on the Dozens Forum

(Chris C) #863

I just had an invite code sent through! Thank you Dozens!


and i’m in, looking forward to receiving the card

(Simon) #865

Rumours of a merger over on free trade :joy:

(Beta User) #866

Finally received my invitation code. Lol

(Ollie Forsyth - The Makers Podcast) #867

Hi Guys

Hope you are having an awesome week - nearly the end!

I am interviewing Aritra, founder of Dozens today, any questions for him?

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Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t use Spotify and don’t have iTunes is that the only way to listen ?

(Ollie Forsyth - The Makers Podcast) #869

No worries, which platforms do you use and I’ll send the links to you? We are on most podcast sites!

(Andy) #870

I have now activated Dozens. The Save screen feels broken. Nothing happens when your apply for bonds. I understand that they’re not available right now but that part of the app is very misleading.

How will we know when we can press the apply for bonds button?

(✌️) #871

The bonds are opening for bidding next week according to AC and Rob on the dozens forums.
Hopefully they will make things more clear when the app officially launches. People have reported most of the issues on the Dozens forum already.

(Marcel Ruhf) #872

This is the first article in a series written in partnership with dozens.


Just saw this pop up online…


There’s plenty of work to do on the app still, but they haven’t officially launched yet… :joy:

(Ollie Forsyth - The Makers Podcast) #875

My latest guest on The Makers Podcast is AC, founder of the new fintech company, Dozens, the new home for your money as well as, the one stop app for your financial health needs. In this episode, we will discuss:

  • The idea & how Dozens bonds work

  • Launching just 8 weeks ago and now on 10,000 downloads to opening accounts at a rate of 100-200 per day

  • Building a tone of voice for your customers

  • Logistics on expanding a fintech outside of the UK

  • Building a company around trust

  • Creating a lifetime customers

  • Challenges of onboarding customers (card printing)

  • How can Dozens make us financially savvy?

  • Average deposits in the bonds

  • Dozens are currently raising £3.5m on Seedrs, where will the money be spent?

  • Will Dozens launch business banking?

  • Will they IPO plus so much more…

AC will be speaking at our Fintech event on October 1st. For a 30% discount, enter code Podcast - available only for the first 100 tickets. See you there!

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Hi if you don’t mind me asking, are you commercially related to dozens in anyway? I personally think that you should share with everyone if you are a paid marketing agency to promote dozens campaign, or simply hosting the event 100% objectively? Apologies if you have said it somewhere else.