Dozens Discussion & Feedback

(Andy Freeburn) #837

Would like the details of this please when they are available, cheers

(Marcel Ruhf) #838

They’ve just published more details for any potential investors.

(Nathan) #839

Anyone got anymore detail on when the next bond launch is?

(Nathan Steer) #840


On a more serious note, not sure. I think they’re trying to get more people into the app, as well as waiting a little on crowdfunding first.

(Jordan) #841

They are also siphoning off some of the £1m issuance for crowdfunding investors, so it could be a little while yet to allow them to be on-boarded and card sent etc.

(Stefano) #842

According to @rob_dozens’s post below from a few days ago, it should be as early as this week.

(Jordan) #843

I did see that as I am on the Dozens forum - however, following how well the crowdfunding went and Dozens’ intentions in splitting off some of this to allow for investors to bid (i.e. will need time to get them on boarded as well as the rest of the waitlist) I think it may be a little later than this week - however I could be completely wrong!

(Ollie Forsyth - The Makers Podcast) #844

Hey, here they are :slight_smile:

Aritra, Dozens founder will be speaking at our event on October 1st. Enter code Monzo for a 50% discount :slight_smile:

Book below:

(Vojtech Vrbka) #845

This will probably be unpopular opinion, but I end up canceling my investment. I had a look at Monzo’s first crowdfunding raise, which was well prepared, with plan for years ahead and strong team behind it.

Dozens feels rushed. Launched only last month. I don’t find the number of current user’s impressive as there were ads all over tube. I would imagine most people downloaded the app because of promise of 5% return. Since they will issue only £500k in the bonds and currently have 5k users. Thats average £100 per user. Not really what was promised on the ads. If it sounds too good to be true, it is :slight_smile:

The numbers on the pitch are also way too optimistic, with missing information how much it costs to acquire customers, what’s their burn rate, when is the next raise…

Monzo’s first pitch for reference

Can Dozens deliver? I don’t know but I don’t like to invest only based on FOMO.

(Nathan) #846

I wasn’t aware of this? Where did you find this figure?

(Jordan) #847

The March issuance will be £1m so I’m unsure as to where you got this information from?

(Andy Freeburn) #848

Dozens have allocated £7 Million for the 5% bonds so I think you have some mis-information here…

As for the number of users they are a new offering and as such have controlled the initial launch numbers deliberately to ensure they can scale the offering and ensure initial issues can be resolved quickly. As for the tube ad’s - yes there is some debate in the value of such a strong marketing campaign while the app is not so widely available and the onboarding is at a controlled pace… personally I dont think you can argue that brand building is a vital part of any product/service launch and has done a great job of increasing the user numbers and bringing people into the discussion of what the offering is…

Also CAC (Customer acquisition cost) has been detailed in their investor documents along with growth plans and scaling plans over the next 2-3 years.

(NM) #849

If you were/are going to invest purely based off FOMO, I am glad that you removed your investment. You really shouldn’t be basing your investment decisions off that(either with Dozens or otherwise) as your investment can become too emotional
For context I invested in Dozens as I have spare capital that I know I can risk(and risk losing all of it)((Same with my Monzo investment))


Just the fact that I have been waiting for three weeks now for my application to be reviewed after failing auto-verification would be enough put me off.

(Sam) #851

Dozens have experienced some early teething issues (as expected with any startup) but I’ve found their customer service to be of a really high standard. Hopefully they can sort out the issue with your application soon.

(Jordan) #852

Have you gone through verification at all? Or is it still stalled? What was the last Dozens said?


Yes, it failed as automatic verification often does. Dozens have said, to paraphrase, “we’re busy, we’ll get to you eventually”. I didn’t expect to still be waitng after three weeks though.

(Jordan) #854

Oh that’s a shame - I’d advise either chasing for a response or maybe raising it over on their community forum? From what I’ve seen they’re making their way through the waitlist and app waiting list now so maybe they can get it turned round for you.


Yes, it was explained that after verification I’d need to wait for an invite and that’s fair enough. I’ve had a private message now so I’ll respond and fingers crossed.

(Richard) #856

I have to admit I was waiting for about a week for this but knowing that there is a massive queue ahead of me wasn’t too fussed.