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(Jordan) #813

Currently at £2,713,580 out of £3,500,000

This has slowed down massively since 11am so it could be some still left for tomorrow.

Was there any reason you didn’t sign-up/ put down your interest in crowdfunding?

(Andy) #814

I’m not sure if there’s any left tomorrow as I just invested drum roll please £20!!! :sunglasses:

(chrisdalziel) #817

Genuinely interesting proposition and was very close to investing. Ultimately decided against it - largely unconvinced the wider team (excl. Aritra’s obvious pedigree) have enough financial services experience to pull this off.

That concern together with the fact that there aren’t any recognised VCs around the table (despite the VC funding chasing other FinTechs), the cap table firmly tilted towards the institutional investors and the relatively small amount being raised (how long will that last - enough to get through the banking licence? I’m not sure) has pushed it past my risk tolerance.

Still, I’ll continue to keep tabs as a user of the app (albeit an unfunded one!) and hope it gets some traction.

(Splodf) #818

I’m two sided on this. I like the diversity of backgrounds, meaning dozens could potentially innovate and explore outside the realms of legacy bank thinking.


A lot of it could be pie in the sky thinking that is simply unachievable.

I’ve gone with a small investment to satisfy my curiosity and keep up the Fintech collection.

(Andy Freeburn) #819

Personally I think the mix of people is a plus… If you want to shake things up as a fintech why hire people who are set in their ways or have a perceived view of how things should be done… Worth also noting though that the senior vp staff are mainly experienced in the financial world… Ex-barclays for example

(Simon) #820

It doesn’t open to public until Monday. Just letting people know as some have said tomorrow on the thread. (Friday)



Theres already been a lot of discussion about this over on the Dozens forum

See here

The CEO also responded saying:

(Splodf) #823

Why do people still post Daily Mail articles as fact and not the sensationalist, trash tier journalism they are.

To set this straight. This Is Money emailed Dozens the questions, got straight honest answers, ran the story with the original lies and assumptions to create the hype and outrage then retract and update when they get called out citing deadline pressure.

It can be too late by then. Most don’t see the update and are lead by the original, completely incorrect article.

If you continue to support this level of outrage journalism, they will make you a angry about everything. Citing baseless ‘facts’, outright lies and trash stories designed to manipulate and outrage you toward their latest handpicked target.

Do yourself a favour:


The daily fail is not even reliable toilet paper :roll_of_toilet_paper: :joy::joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #825

Yes. It’s really a news source for people who hate life itself.

(Jordan) #826

I think that whilst definitely a valid concern and adds to the risk - compared to say Monzo’s initial funding round (pre-license) what is the difference in the actual level of funding achieved at pre-license stage? (I’d actually be interested to know the figures).

Dozens are trying to come straight out of the gates at a high speed and this should hopefully propel them forward with less initial investment upfront.

Either way it will be interesting to see where they get to!

(chrisdalziel) #827

Monzo was granted a banking licence in April 2017. By my reckoning (, they raised £12.8m during the process of applying for the licence and then raised nearly £20m around the time they got their licence (I assume some of that funding was simply to have the capital on hand to get the final banking licence sign off).

Definitely agree that it will be interesting to see how Dozens get on and I’m definitely no expert on this - just my own view that the risk/return profile didn’t quite stack up for me. Of course, that equation is different for everyone.

(Jordan) #828

That’s interesting to see the comparison - I missed the boat for early investment in Monzo so thought I would put some capital (only very minimal) into Dozens as I really like what they are doing.

Oh definitely, I just thought it a prudent comparison between Monzo at the same sort of stage as Dozens (although I don’t think that comparison is strictly doable as Monzo had a “pre-launch” product for a significant time whilst Dozens look to be attempting to obtain it more aggressively? (Again could be wrong here).

(Andy) #829

I’m trying to be better at not backing every single Fintech but, judging by the buzz on here, I sense that Dozens is on the right track. I’ve put in a little bit due to fear of missing out but my money this month is mostly going into Grind’s latest raise. The price is steep but that recipe of making money during the day with coffee and night with the booze is hitting a sweet spot in London.


I’ve just put a bout into Dozens. I wasn’t able to log on until after 6 and was amazed at how quickly it was getting funded.

I only ever use ‘pocket money’ with crowd funders, I make no claims to know enough to do it seriously, but it amuses me and gives me an interest.

(Colin Robinson) #832

Going fast only 12% left :wink:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #833

Without any inference on the quality of Dozens’s stock, does anyone think we’re seeing the formation of a crowdfunding bubble, where (usually inexperienced) investors will back the next crowdfund because of the high profile of the last?

(NM) #834

100% agree, especially when Fintech is the hot thing right now. Personally I think its worse with CFD and Forex platforms and with investor Apps in general that the questionnaires etc that are provided just are good enough

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