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(Alex Mayo) #64

The yellow instantly reminded me of my shell card :woozy_face:

I’ll be sure to keep them apart if I get one.



I’ve started the sign-up process. I’ll wait for T’s & C’s before completing though. 5% sounds good. R-


Anyone signed up (& gone past the ID verification stage) yet?

(Rob) #67

Hi Tom

At this stage only a small number of testers are using the app. Installing and going through verification is all that can be done until we start to issue access codes to those on the waitlist, and this will be starting soon.

We needed the app to be in the app stores in order to allow our testers to check the onboarding process, but we have not yet made any public announcement, so this eagle-eyed group is getting in at the very, very early stages :smiley:


Thanks for your prompt reply… On a Saturday morning :wink:

So to be clear: we can go through the sign-up process but we’ll just be put on a list until you’re ready? :+1:


Are there any fees to using the card? Would be interested in trying it out.

(Rob) #70

There will not be any fees for using the card, no :slight_smile:


I’m tempted! Is there a minimum amount for interest to be given?

Quick question, does opening multiple accounts affect credit score?

(JackO) #72

The app sign-up screen says the minimum will be from £100:

Regarding whether multiple current accounts will effect your perceived credit worthiness, this thread maybe worth a read:

TLDR: Probably not and if it does then it’s only by a v small amount. Be more concerned about areas such as available credit, credit utilisation and the number of hard searches recently.


Nope - that’s where I’m at. I see Rob from Dozens is keeping an eye on it all though. R-

(Neil M) #74

The thread only started again as I found the App on the App store and I think we ambushed them slightly.I would say be patient at the moment

(Michael) #75

Almost :wink:

(Michael) #76

In we go:

Very slick and painless process in the main

As mentioned above I did have a problem with email (under Gmail on Android) in that I could not select a confirmation link

(Tom) #77

I’ve had the same issue with the email, none of the links are active/clickable


I’m number 530!

Identity wasn’t as bad as I feared. I wasn’t a fan of the look over your shoulder thing, but saying numbers is better than reading from a script à la Monzo and Starling.

Same email issues.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #79

Yep, same problem.

(Michael) #80

No grand conspiracy, just a missing hyperlink reference:

<a class=“mcnButton " title=“Confirm Email " href="" target=”_blank” style=“font-weight: bold;letter-spacing: normal;line-height: 100%;text-align: center;text-decoration: none;color: #FFFFFF;”>Confirm Email </a>

(Michael) #81

For reference @rob_dozens, there are four hyperlinks in the email I got and all are missing a value for the href element as above:

  • View this email in your browser
  • Confirm Email
  • update your preferences
  • unsubscribe from this list

Certainly no expect in GDPR, but the last of the four is probably the most potentially troubling omission :slight_smile:


I’m 520 with 14 behind me. Anyone tried the **Skip the Queue ** option? What does that do? R-

(Splodf) #83

Asks for a five digit code.

Which I assume is the testers code to get in.