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(Rob) #773

It is not possible to say. It is only ‘failed AUTOMATIC verification’. There are so many issues that might impact this. In many cases a human review of the docs is enough, but we may need to get back to you for more information. We have a small team and the sudden influx (again) is creating a bit of a backlog but more resources are on the way.

It still should only be a couple of days.

Don’t forget that this is only the application at this stage - there’s still the queue so that we can control the number of new accounts each day. We’re working as fast as we can on all these accounts


Ok, thanks for that.

(Splodf) #775

New askAC

The dozens Derek Acorah makes an appearance…

(Michael) #776

Love the shirt @rob_dozens


Could anyone share apart from the guaranteed 5% savings rate, what attracts you to dozens?

Appears to me that the rest of the features are somewhat mimicking existing players in various segments from chip to nutmeg to emma…

(Richard) #778

The day to day budgeting tools so break down per day, per week, time map etc


Their intention is to be your current account rather than an aggregator.

The 5% “trust bonds” will be called a “savings account” when they get their banking licence (as AC mentioned in the video above).

That’s certainly the big pull for me right now, but they have come along with more features than any of the other fintechs I’ve seen.

If they can build on them as quickly as they built them, you could have a very good app experience, with some unique propositions.

(Jordan) #780

+1 here, even though they aren’t technically a Bank as yet - they seem to have more offerings fresh out of the gate than some established fintechs have now.

They also have a clear ethos to get spenders to become savers and then eventually investors - moving and hopefully educating customers how to be more financially literate.

I don’t need the education but the way Dozens are setting out the Spend, Save, Invest ‘scheme’ makes me excited for what else they offer.

(Rob) #781

The daily budget tool

(Splodf) #782

Gentle reminder that dozens Crowdfund is due to start this week.

You can pre-register here:

Also, if you’re thinking of investing £150+ and it’s your first time using Seedrs, check around to make sure you get a referral link as you’ll get £25 free investment credit as will the referer, if you can’t find one slide into my dms and I’ll pass on mine.


Where can you see it being due this week? I’m asking as I signed up but the only info I can see is “soon”.

I’d be interest in a referral, would that work even if I already signed up to Seedrs, but haven’t invested yet?

(Nathan Steer) #784

It was mentioned in the last #AskAC video posted above :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #785

I’m not sure. If you’ve pre registered for Dozens via Seedrs but not signed up to Seedrs itself a referral could work in theory. Worth a go!


Crowdfund opens tomorrow at 11am for those that have pre-reg’d :eyes:

(SimonL) #787

See this in daily mail says the the article that can’t withdraw money

(Andy Freeburn) #788

So many inaccuracies is almost comical… Typical Daily Fail reporting… They contacted Dozens… Got a response… And chose to ignore the facts to produce this garbage lol


it’s the Daily fail say no more :joy::joy::joy:


Anyone here investing today?

(NM) #791

Yup, I did :moneybag:


Yep :+1: