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(Splodf) #753

I haven’t seen much complaining.

I think the Monzo forums are more of a community hub then the app is a banking hub. I really like the fact that other apps can do Q&A’s, talk to users and allay fears without reprimand. Monzo have got this 100% correct.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #754

Where are said complaints? :eyes:

(Jordan) #755

Well they literally went live 2/3 weeks ago - I think putting this statement out there wouldn’t be fair on Dozens.

For example:

I don’t have an overdraft on Monzo - does that mean that its not a “normal” current account
Monzo doesn’t pay interest on current balance - does that mean its not a “normal” current account.

They don’t have a banking license yes, but do offer FSCS protection through their partnered bank and are looking to obtain a banking license.

Where be these complaints?

(Marcel Ruhf) #756

Not sure where you have the complaints from, I haven’t seen any.
Nor have they done any advertising - they’ve merely responded to people’s questions.

(Simon) #757

Slightly confused as I read a lot of what’s on here and have yet to see a complaint. Edit: wrong it was freetrade

(Nathan) #758

Just got my card :tada:
Excited to try it out… anyone know when the next bidding process for bonds goes live?

(Tom) #759

It was meant to be today, I think. No sign yet though.

(Rob) #760

We need to update ask the terms with the latest information, plus add the fixes from the last issuance. Rather than rush before the weekend this will be next week.

It gives more people tone to open accounts and transfer funds.

So don’t rush. This is not about first come first served anyway (on purpose), so check it out next week.

Thanks for the enthusiasm :wink:

(Kyle Risi) #761

When my CVV number was debossed on the back of my card, it seems to have transferred through to the front right next to the contactless icon, I doubt this is a problem, but curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this same quirk?

(Nathan Steer) #762

There are very faint markings next to the contactless symbol for me that look like they could be 3 digits, but no legible numbers there and I can only spot them if I hold the card in the right light :smiley:


Anyone had any luck calling them? All I get is a recorded message saying noone available. I failed online verification (as usual) but have heard nothing since.

(Nathan Steer) #764

Perhaps try emailing I’ve not tried calling, but they are usually responsive by email.


Thanks, email sent, fingers crossed.


Does anyone have an invitation code they wouldn’t mind sharing? :grin:


Can’t invite anyone at the moment I’m afraid. Only way is to join the waitlist.

(Rob) #768

Hi @UncleC and everyone! Thanks for posting so many great questions. This week I did not manage to answer everything as swiftly as I would like, sorry!

We’ve been onboarding hundreds (and hundreds) of new customers so my volume of incoming questions and issues has quadrupled! The bond questions were further complicated by the fact that certain information, although shared with individual investors during the bond process, does not get published ‘publicly’ until the bond is listed. It made it difficult to answer questions.

However, I’ll do my best below

All the details you want are now to be found on our page here:

The key question you’ve asked several times I believe are the details of who is the Trustee and how are they independent of dozens. The trustee and operator of the secured account is U.S. Bank Global Corporate Trust Services.

In answer to your questions, if you look at section 4:

I trust that now that there is at least 1 bond already listed that has all the terms and the base admission document published, you will be able to see all the details to give you confidence in the dozens Trust Bond product.

Hopefully this is what you needed?

Hi @Codf & @r.a.thomas we would love to be able to offer our customers a straightforward interest on savings, but as we are not licensed to do this, we cannot (as @UncleC pointed out) . However, this is something that we are working towards by applying for a banking licence but this is something that we can do for the interim period. It may be complex at first, and has certainly taken us a lot of work, but the value of it to regular savers will hopefully be worth it all! (there is a mention of this in our next upcoming #AskAC video where @Codf gets a mention)

That is potentially true (though as it is a bidding process, there is always the chance that larger sums will still be available depending on the demand at the time).

However, as we’ve explained, the interest for this bond is funded by dozens in order to help more people to start saving and to use our app to do this. If you already have large sums then by definition you don’t need this specific help. We will, however, be coming up with more products in Save and Invest areas that will be better suited to savers like you, but we can’t launch everything at once as this would be even more confusing.

(Splodf) #769

Ooh excited! I can’t wait for the pronunciation!

I’ve never had anyone get it right before!


Hmm, I’d go for “cod if”. And probably fail miserably.

(Splodf) #771

Indeed you would.

Most go for Cod-eff or Cod-if

It’s pronounced more like Cod-ph


Appreciate your are busy but can you give an idea how long to deal with an application that failed online verification on Thursday? Thanks.