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(Splodf) #733

That’s an excellent review. AC and the team should be over the moon with that.

Only thing missing was the crowdfunding info.

(NM) #734

It also seems to explain what the 5% bond is and that it is also tax free

(Splodf) #735

Yeah we got there in the end on the Dozens forum. If you fancy a twist and turn storyline (way better then Twilight!) check out the tax thread.


My tax friend has sent me the bill…

I’ll be sending you all a link shortly :joy:

(Dave Berry) #737

Got my card this week. I’m an iPhone SE user, on a small screen all the elements are small and the whole thing looks cramped.

Can’t apply for one of these bond thingies, click on add a bond and follow the process but it takes you to a calculator, not a way to apply for the next allocation or a screen telling you when it might be issued.

The design is super busy and it wants to tell me things like ‘soon you’ll see the amounts you spend the most. You may be surprised’. Really?

I thought the budgeting features might be better than Monzo’s but it looks like a lot of work and not clear to me that there clever stuff like automated committed spend is there (it might be, but it’s not there).

So, in a nutshell, I’ll be sticking with :monzo: :slight_smile:

(Nathan Steer) #738

Bidding on the next issuance opens up tomorrow (Friday March 1st). I agree that this should be mentioned within the app though.

(Marcel Ruhf) #739

Regarding the tax situation in regards to the bonds, I just received the following email (emphasis mine):

(Splodf) #740

I feel like we made this happen.

(Marcel Ruhf) #741

Possibly, but this was only sent to successful bond holders (though I think our discussions made it clear that there would need to be some reassurance regarding that issue).


Any idea when the bidding process opens?

(Sendu Bala) #743

Just got a £10 gift from Dozens as a thank you for being an early user. Very nice of them!

For anyone who placed a £100 bid last month and was an early user, this is like getting 15% return on your “investment” in being a Dozens customer.

(Nathan Steer) #744

It was for people on the waiting list, not necessarily early users, I was in the first 100 users but had never been on the waiting list, so didn’t get £10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I received the £10 last night. I actually forgot about that offer so was a nice surprise this morning.

(Rob) #746

That is correct - thanks @Nsteer (sorry you missed out)

Back before December, when we had a waitlist, but no app and therefore no queue, we offered a £10 top up for those who had been waiting for 3+ months already by that point if they downloaded the app and created an account once we were live.

We waited for many of them (you?) to join and made the first round of payments yesterday.

This has nothing to do with when you got in the queue or downloaded the app, and not to do with how quickly you got your card.

(SimonL) #747

Have received my £10 year thank you very much Dozens


What are the projected timelines on opening Joint Accounts?

(Stefano) #749

Thanks for the £10 dozens! I completely forgot about it so it was a lovely surprise this morning. Moved straight into savings, just like dozens would like it :slight_smile:

(Rob) #750


(Kyle Risi) #751

Thanks for my £10 :money_mouth_face:

(john) #752

Just want to point that Dozens does not compete with Monzo, the services Dozens provide is not provided by Monzo and vice verse.

With Dozen, you can not use it as a normal current account, there is no overdraft, standard interest on the current balance or ability for direct debits/standing orders…

However it is ideal for daily money management (put a fix money aside each month for spending), high interest saving and investment. I think Dozen is a great supplement to any existing current account rather than a replacement.

There is some complaints in the forum that Dozen is using this forum for advertising, then my advise to the Admin why the hell do they allow to have the forum in the first place and do they expect Dozen not to respond when individuals have issues.

There a multiple reasons why companies like Starling made the decision to shutdown their on forums.