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So where’s Dozens from?


Marketing budget as well.

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So whats the difference :joy:


I might as well put the feelers out to as many forums as possible…(ignore this if you’ve already seen it on the Dozens forum).

Can anyone definitively say whether the income received from the interest payments of corporate bonds, count towards your PSA (£500 for a 40% rate payer and £1,000 for a 20% rate payer)?


To answer my own question…

This is the current consensus unless proved otherwise!

If you pay 20% income tax, you are entitled to £1000 of “interest” before you pay any tax - This includes the interest you’ll receive from the Dozens trust bonds.

If you pay 40% income tax, you are entitled to £500 of “interest” before you pay any tax - This includes the interest you’ll receive from the Dozens trust bonds.

This is not financial advice, purely the conclusion we have got to from doing a bit of research.

You’ll also have to take into account any other interest from other accounts.


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Did a quick Google search, and found this (short answer: Yes)


@Chapuys got my card today, postie very late in delivering it :joy:


Liked the fact you can top up via Apple Pay within the App

Also how do you join the bonds as only shows you the calculator?

Granted not put £100 in there yet :joy:

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Does that work on IOS? :thinking: The Google Pay button for top ups on Android never worked and has been removed.

There are currently no bonds open for bidding (the one we were all bidding on closed bidding on Monday). When the next one becomes available, it will appear underneath that calculator.


Yep works fine on iOS

Thought the bonds closed 28/02 oh well :wink:

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I think that is when we hear back as to whether our bids were successful! They then “start” from 1st March.

My guess is that sometime around early March you’ll be able to bid for them again!

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Works fine in iOS, a pity you can’t scan your cards to add, still have to type them in manually. Enhancement request?


Monzo used to do this but stopped because of the money it was costing them

Wonder how Dozens will make this pay…


When Monzo allowed to to up via card etc i had an iphone 5 untill about 3 weeks ago so never used apple pay before then and Monzo has since stopped card updates and did this from a few months after they got the banking licence, Dozens doesnt have a banking license yet so whether they will keeps this functionality when they do we shall see :wink:


Given Dozens has faster payments and instant transfers from the get go, I’m surprised that they’re doing debit cards top ups too, given the cost base (and potential for misuse).

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Looks like we were in the same batch!


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Hi Team,

How do I add money to a bond in Dozens? When I click add a bond it just takes me to a bond calculator.

Does savings need to be in a bond to earn the 5% PA interest?


Hi @KyleRisi,

The next time you can bid on the bonds is from 1st March (closing date 25th March).

It’s not like a savings account where you can just add money, you have to bid when the opportunity comes up.

Looks to be a “bumper ISA 1 million pound issuance” as well!


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Unrelated to the thread topic but what tool did you use to remove your card number?
Was it a mobile app? It looks really well done.