Dozens Discussion & Feedback

(Splodf) #44

The company name on Google Play is the name of the company behind Dozens.

Just registering now. Looks legit

(Neil M) #45

(Michael) #46

Ah, found it via a Google search

Looks like it was not showing in search in Play Store as on my Chrome OS laptop

(Michael) #47

Does look legit. Company name is correct

(Neil M) #48

It was more the whole there is a waiting list to get the APP that I found strange on their website


Anyone brave enough to have signed up?

(Splodf) #50

Aye. I’m awaiting verification.

(Michael) #51

Did put my name down for the waiting list, but did not hear anything

Will probably watch from afar for a bit. Signing up for N26 for the pure sake of curiosity was enough for this twelve months methinks

Was amused to see that their offices are right next to where I had a training course last September

(Neil M) #52

I’m in the process of Signing up at the 5% in bond is very very attractive

(Rob) #53

Hi there. Thanks so much to friendly members here who alerted me to your eagle eyes :slight_smile:

Yes, as we mentioned, we are in the final processes of building, testing and launching our app, and part of this is releasing the app to the various stores. This is absolutely genuine.

While you can download it and start the registration process, we are not yet opening up access. This will happen over the next few days and weeks as we test and roll out our features, and will be driven primarily by the waitlist that has been building on our site over the last few months (which you can still join).

Thanks everyone for keeping in touch, and for being interested in our offering (lots more very exciting news about to be published on this subject).

(Michael) #54

Thanks for the update Rob

Would I expect an email in the coming days/weeks then off the back of entering my details previously on your website?

(Neil M) #55

Really easy verification/sign up process now just waiting :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #56

Must admit, the sign up was flawless, fingers crossed I’ve found my savings account!

(Rob) #57

I don’t have access to the list (for privacy reasons) but we will be getting in touch with those who’ve expressed an interest in our offer soon, yes. It will be batched, to allow us to test systems and properly support new customers, so I can’t say when anyone in particular may hear, but the fun started from the moment we hit the app store :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear, thanks @NeilM. You’re one of the very first to try it :slight_smile:

(Neil M) #58

Out of interest am I meant to be able to click the email Verification Button as it doesn’t work :see_no_evil:

(Dan Light) #59

I had this issue as well. The rest of the sign up process was amazing though.

(Splodf) #60

None of the links work. How weird.

(Rob) #61

Thanks @NeilM and @lightdan - as I mentioned to Neil, it is probably best for me to deal with these requests on our own site.

I really appreciate your help with this testing process so we can iron out these bugs. We literally went live a few hours ago so we’re only just starting some parts of this journey and we really appreciate your expertise and experience


Just signed up. Process was smooth. Very interested in the 5% savings account.


I’ve just started sign-up. Will finish tomorrow with photo id etc. A few thoughts so far

  • the terms and conditions are long and very much in legalese. Take a look at Monzo’s for inspiration! :blush:
  • I’m keen on the £10 for signing up from the waiting list! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I hope that early sign up doesn’t affect that!
  • are you aiming to become a regulated bank, or will you be fighting it out with Viola Black in the e-money market? :wink: