Dozens Discussion & Feedback

(Splodf) #388

Dozens is built in Ukraine oddly enough. Ground up.

(Dan Baker) #389

I’m interested about Dozens, I’m on the waiting list myself. I’ve tried Starling and Monzo and their feature set is mostly the same. Revolut and N26 don’t really interest me. And Dozen’s 5% savings seems interesting.

Excited to get onboarded fully!

(Splodf) #390

Hopefully my card will arrive today and I can dish out some sneak previews.

(Dan Baker) #391

What number on the waiting list were you? I’m 576 atm.


It’ll be tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Nathan Steer) #393

Rob mentioned on the dozens forum that we probably won’t get them until tomorrow now

(Splodf) #394

I think a few of us got in on the Beta, I’m one of the lucky ones!

(Splodf) #395

That’s exciting!



(Sam) #397

Looking forward to mine arriving early next week :eyes:

(Colin Robinson) #398

@DunsfordMage: Got my new dozens card today! @wearedozens

(Jordan) #399

Still waiting to get through the wait list :pensive: have fun guys!


So I’m yet to test it all, but I’m super impressed. This is looking like it could be the most feature rich version 1 of any Fintech I’ve seen…

(Jack) #401

I really like the level of insights it provides.

(NM) #402

Anyone got an screenshots they are willing to share(as there is a good 500 people in front of me ) :joy:

(Jack) #403

(Sam) #404

Slight change to the text on the bottom screenshot is required I think - that reads to me like you’ll save £1560 a week!


Yeah, it was raised on their forum that the Feb '20 Feb '21 isn’t immediately obvious that it refers to years and not days/weeks.

(NM) #406

That’s some good feature design(This is not sarcastic) It looks really good and helpful.


Whats the invest section like?