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Project Imagine (dozens) will be in direct competition with fully digital banks such as Starling, Monzo or Atom.

These have managed to have an impact in the industry, but are nonetheless struggling to maintain a momentum, so their market share is considered by many not big enough to present a threat to traditional high street banks.

“We want to be a mix of Monzo, Nutmeg and Moneybox, all in one, which means a digital current account, savings and investment all in one, with heavy focus on personal finance management (PFM),” the CEO tells FinTech Futures. “We want to encourage savings and money management, and help people get out of the overdraft/over-spending loop – hence we will offer 3.14% in deposits from the start.”

According to the CEO, the bank will launch in Q4 this year with an e-money licence, and will be looking to acquire a banking licence some time in 2020.

Emphasis mine.

Very interesting development with a stacked team. I’m curious as to who’s financing Project Imagine to have a product launch ready seemingly out of nowhere.

(Tom) #24

Is anyone else having problems with the email sign up form?

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #25

Just saw this on Instagram


I’m intrigued, probably too good to be true as others have said but I’ll put my email in. See what happens.

(Nina) #27

Found this video from Noah this year. Seems to explain a lot.

(Nick) #28

Interesting presentation. They should be launching soon by the looks of it. The app seems to be on Google play but no invites via email yet

(fabianviktor_flatz) #29

Seems like the waiting list is now open.

Their budgeting features look really cool, actually. Don’t think I would switch away from Monzo for it but it would be cool to have the same features in Monzo:


They’ve ‘only’ just started testing the newly minted cards (and looks like they intend to create a community too):

(Jordan) #31

Joined the waiting list, if only to see where it goes. Seems very ambitious from the get go (Monzo + Moneybox + Nutmeg) which makes me sceptical…

I have to admit their budgeting mock-up looks great (if it can work in practice). Would like to see what Monzo can do with others in the marketplace to bring something similar together.


Joined community and waiting list. Let’s see. R-

(Rob) #33

Hi everyone

I’m Rob, community manager over at dozens, to answer the questions raised. :wave:

Really happy to hear you like our budgeting feature :slight_smile:

We have been pretty quiet about launch plans but may as well let you guys know - we are about to go live on both App Store and Google Play in the coming days :tada:

Since you ask, as a sneak peak of what sits behind these mockups: in the past 6 months we have built an 800-screen native app plus our own balance and orchestration layer. We have received two FCA licenses - meaning we can offer current account and investment products in one app from day one - and listed a retail bond on NEX stock exchange (which means our proprietary savings product is subject to higher regulatory requirements but requires no long-term lock-ins for our customers).

We’ve also started printing those eye-catching cards, so we are live with the app for employees, testing with our own Christmas shopping to make sure everything is :100:before we do a public launch. Meanwhile, our waitlist is approaching 2,000 members - 300 of which are our own co-creation community from all over the UK (obviously not a patch yet on Monzo numbers, but we are pretty buzzed nonetheless).

To thank all the early-birds who trusted in us even before launch, we’ll be offering £10 to everyone on our waitlist who opens an account with us.

If you’d like to know more, join our community to take part in the conversation where we can share more details. We’re generally not into shouting too much about ourselves, but if you seek out our social channels, we’ve shared some ‘challenging’ topics that the team created. Hope you enjoy them.

Wishing everyone a great Christmas :christmas_tree: and prosperous 2019

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Pretty cool that your surname is also dozens. Nominative Determinism?

Look forward to trying out the app.

(Only available in amateur ) #35

Is this similar to what Robinhood proposed to do in America briefly last week? Savings rate higher because it’s a bond


He’s also got 11 siblings.

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New on IFTTT: Dozens
#The dozens way We’re creating dozens from scratch, allowing us to do things in a completely new way to established banks. #We only make money when you do We’re changing the fundamental model of banking. Our income as a business is directly linked to the returns we create for you. We keep a smaller share and pass on the majority to you. Unlike most banks, we are not looking to make money from things like overdrafts, but by helping you save, invest and grow your money. So our goals are the same as yours.

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(Michael) #38

There are no triggers and only two actions right now, but kinda impressive/bold/unwise they are in before launch while Starling fret on the sidelines about it

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(Neil M) #39

There’s an App on the google play store at the moment for Dozens is that the correct one?


Looks like it!

(Neil M) #42

Hmm that’s interesting as I found Dozen in the play store and thought it was worth mentioning it on here to see if it is actually the real one rather than some elaborate phishing scam

(Michael) #43

Got a link? Cannot see it through search

Maybe @rob_dozens will bounce back on at some point