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Sorry they are one time codes. R-

(Rob) #369

Move over Viola Black, Dozens is here!

(Rob) #370

Lots of talk on here about the bonds but not much about other things. What about some of the budgeting features?

A Daily budget is exactly what is was hoping Monzo would do.

(Splodf) #371

Doesn’t work until the card arrives.

I think some got there’s today so they should be able to show and tell!


I really like the look of the budgeting features.

And the idea behind Dozens, that they want to help you move from Spender to Saver then Investor is well thought out. But that does presuppose that you’ll migrate to Dozens for all your current, savings and investment account needs so they can help you reduce your spend and nudge you to saving/investing more. Which is a really big ask.

They are very different from the Monzo (and Starling) concepts though. From their in app FAQs:

Are you a platform?

That’s exactly what we’ll never be. We’ll never just be a showcase for other firms’ products. We create our own financial products, and if we work together with partners we will add our own features to these products so you will only have to deal with dozens .

(Punit Mannari) #373

Still 2812 people in front of me…think I will be waiting for a while


Possibly, but not necessarily. The app has been under test for some time with Dozens staff (about 30 at the time AFAIK) and some others, actual number unknown, from the queue. So the more devices with different OS’s that get on to the test group, along with different technical capabilities of the users should mean that the “ironing out” will speed up from here. Patience mon brave. R-

(Bruce Davies) #375

Rob, did I get something wrong? I signed up, recently received an email inviting me to download the app, registered, and now I find myself on… a wait list! Was the email inviting me to the app meant to be my invitation code?

(Rob) #376

Nope … nothing wrong

If you received an email to download the app it means you were on our ‘waitlist’, so you expressed an interest in knowing when we were live - hence the email. You can now download the app and go through the application process already.

However, we need to manage the number who enter use the app (rather than have 1000s of eager new users all at once) so there is a queue.

If you were on the waitlist, we will prioritise your access code (as promised when you signed up) and will send codes out soon. We have already started and expect to accelerate this programme shortly.

Hope that is clearer :slight_smile:

Feel free to join us over on our community to learn more

(Bruce Davies) #377

Thanks for clarifying… and will do :grinning:


Are there any updates on this app? Monzo doesn’t offer weekly budgeting options which takes away from the experience due to incorrect summary information- I’m wondering whether it’s worth signing up to Dozens or should I just wait and hope that Monzo includes this much needed feature onto their app :thinking:

(Splodf) #379

None of the testers have full access to budgets yet.

We should know by end of the week how the budgets work.


I’ve just downloaded it, I was too intrigued to wait - not sure how much of the features I’ll have right now but hoping I get to at least see some visuals

(Splodf) #381

You’ll have none.

It’s still in beta. Just a waitlist in app.


Ahhh okay, thanks for the heads up

(Nathan Steer) #383

The app is pretty slick though.

I’ll see how I feel about the features once my card arrives. But if dozens are able to deliver on everything they’re saying at the moment, it could well become my main account.

(Splodf) #384


(Stephen Spencer) #385

Minor point: Why is the app 96mb?! What are they hiding in there? Five web browsers, a 4k intro video, and a fully-trained AI neural net?

(Nathan Steer) #386

The size of the dozens app doesn’t seem that abnormal to me… for reference, here is the app info page for each of the mobile-first fintechs on my phone…

(Ryan) #387

Starling uses 67mb.

I was wondering about how dozens was made myself. I like that starling and monzo have been built from the ground up as it’s likely to mean they’re more reliable which has been the case so far.