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(#savetheseabass) #348

Afaik this is just testing phase of the roll out


Ok , I wanna test :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

(Splodf) #350

Might be interesting for you to see the bonds on offer!

(#savetheseabass) #351

Those been removed with the latest update? They’ve disappeared for me

(Jordan) #352

I’m 2,886 in the queue :sleepy::sleepy: guess i’ll be waiting a while :pensive::pensive:

(Splodf) #353

Ooh dont know.

I click the find out more button and pull the risk slider along and they appear.

(#savetheseabass) #354

Can’t get that far now. This is what I see. My buttons have gone

(Splodf) #355

Guess that explains it. I’m still a version behind. Nothing showing in the app store.


Well I have moved up 4 spaces :wink:

(Michael) #357

I only appear to have move up three spaces…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #358

I’ve moved up six places in the queue, four of you seem to be on this forum





Like the look of track. Is there info on saving options? I don’t have much money so would rather put it in a secure fund which has very low risk even if I may not get that much interest.

In addition, after 12 months how much could the amount I’ve put in fluctuate? For example if I put in £100, could it go down to a value of £80 after my insured year if the economy goes down the drain?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

(Splodf) #360

Could all disappear even at low risk.

One year in a bond isn’t worth doing, you’d be better off in a regular saver.


I’m tempted due to the first year guarante dozens have. After that I’d have to take a harder look.

(Splodf) #362

That’s the way I’d do it too.

Take advantage of the offer then reassess. The bonds will have a year of performance data by then, for what it is worth.

Smart move.

(Rob) #363

Sorry! Busy answering questions on our forum :slight_smile:

There are some individuals I suspect appear on many related sites in the industry!

We are inviting users from our original waitlist which was built while we developed the dozens concept (this was our “sign up to the waitlist” message, and is not the same thing as the order folks have downloaded the app).

These users represent the majority of those who have had invitations so far. However, for this earliest release, we have included a small, but apparently very vocal, number of users from our community who had already reported issues to us (with onboarding, marketing, KYC, etc) as evidence of their ability to spot issues and be able to report them clearly.

We need both regular customers, but also some with experience, in order to get through as many tests as possible and fix things we may have missed, before a more general roll out.

More codes will be going out this week and next, and these will be almost exclusively from our waitlist. The pace will certainly accelerate from here.

(Jordan) #364

Bonds are usually a solid investment for the backbone of your portfolio.

They TYPICALLY guarantee very low returns and are usually low risk - although you can get varying levels of risk for Bonds - as @Codf says even at low risk you could lose it all. Market is fairly volatile atm and so bank that guaranteed return and then have a look - but investing is usually for the 5+ year timeframe

(Andy Freeburn) #365

Im not hugely vocal but very keen to get involved in this (if it helps im a software Product Manager so used to working on functional testing UI/UX review on mobile apps)

(Giridhar Tammana) #366

Where do I get invite code?
If someone got one please share.

(Nathan Steer) #367

You’ll get it via email when Dozens invite you in :slight_smile: