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They have a point though.

(Sendu Bala) #330

No, not onboarding. They had someone on their forums asking why the ads only led to a queue. They’re still testing.

(Simon) #331

I moved down 5 places :thinking:


I agree with the point made on the dozens community that the speed of rollout and the amount of advertising are a bit out of step.

From the ads, I’d expect to be able to sign up immediately.


With 5% headline rates, I wonder why they thought they needed a campaign :joy:


I like to think they’re socking it to Nationwide, big time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously, I have mixed opinions about this. On one hand, they’re absolutely right in both the facts and that a better banking model would be to mutually profit when you’re in the black.

But on the other, if this is a veiled dig at Monzo I’d rather they, well, didn’t. As @simonb is fond of saying, a rising tide lifts all ships, so I’d rather the new fintechs focused on taking business from the older banks.

(And reading it again, while the 50p matches Monzo, the rest doesn’t - Monzo is hardly profiteering, and being rather risk adverse and with notifications and all that aren’t exactly going out of their way to “make it so easy to fall into overdrafts”)

So, I’m definitely believing that’s a dig at Nationwide!*

*i know it’s not a bank :wink:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #335

Yeah, given likelihood that the Monzo demographic will be actively interested without any thought at all of leaving, it’d be daft indeed to drive any wedges.

The messaging does seem out of step, though.

(Sendu Bala) #336

I take the above as a defensive posture from fans of Monzo (who would ever have thought banks would have fans?), but I don’t interpret Dozen’s adverts as being directed to any particular bank, nor do I think they’re designed to insult “fans”.

Rather their messaging, as per their explicit hashtag, is about questioning your bank. Which is to say, question why your legacy bank charges you fees and profits from you when you’re in debt.

The advert targets people who should rightly feel disgusted by their current (most likely legacy) bank. If Monzo doesn’t make you feel disgusted, this advert isn’t targeted at you.

They’re merely trying to show off their new savings/investment focused ideology, where they profit from you when you’re profiting from them.

You can tell it’s not just lip service when, for example, they don’t charge certain (any?) investment fees if your portfolio is down.

(NM) #337

I feel like its America advertising getting into British adverts if that makes any sense.
The USA adverts are always like look how terrible our competitors are compared to our product.
I think/believe if you have to complain about your competitors but not focus on your strengths your advertising strategy is wrong.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #338

Absolutely. They’re understandably bigging-up the innovation within the product. And good luck to them. That’s said - let’s crack on and get it unveiled…:slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon B) #339

My favourite examples of this are with localized politicians, like in a Governer’s race or congress representative. The TV adverts are hilarious.


I’ve noticed ads for this on Glasgow buses lately which made me assume that it was all up and running now!

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Well I had a Youtube search


So roll out has started!

It’s looking super nice visually and appears feature rich on first glance. There’s a limit to what you can do without a debit card, though. Will investigate more later and report back!

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I’m waiting for mine :sob: but oh well :slight_smile:

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Yep got mine, looks good

Edit: I’m lacking a time machine

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I don’t see that? Make sure you’re on the latest version?

(Nathan Steer) #346

I don’t have any updates available in the Play store yet (patiently waiting for it, as Rob said we should be getting one imminently), I’m currently on (Build 328) on Android and I see the same as @Rat_au_van


Are they working through the waiting list or have the opened out to all?