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(Punit Mannari) #308

I cant log in…the app won’t let me in


I don’t want to be “that guy”, but Dozens hasn’t launched, and they’ve given no indication of when they will (other than “we are working hard on this to get it out as quickly as we can”).

This isn’t even their forum (they have their own community forum which is very good).

Why can’t people wait until it’s actually launched? I haven’t checked my Dozens app since the very start because… what’s the point?

If anything, it’s creating more issues for them with people checking, and claiming there are issues, when there is literally nothing to do yet.

I’m looking forward to the launch, but only when it’s actually launched! :smiley:

(Sam) #310

To be fair, I think we have probably highlighted a few issues that perhaps Dozens weren’t aware of yet which has presumably been helpful before the proper launch.

Although it’s not yet launched, I’ve seen several ads for Dozens on Instagram so presumably they are hoping people will sign up and join the waiting list now.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #311

Agree with both the last two posts. Whilst we might be intruding on a testing phase, I saw ads for Dozens all over the Underground at the weekend, so it’s not too much of a leap to expect the public will also be encountering bugs.


Yeah, if you and others have seen ads, then fair enough.

I live a very sheltered life, so I haven’t seen any ads for it yet.

I guess it’s more the fact that people seem to be going onto the app fairly regularly to encounter these issues - Perhaps they would never have known the issue was there if they just left it until an announcement was made.

But then we are back at the “the public could be doing it as well” stage, and around we go!

(Simon) #313

5% blog is back up.

(Steve) #314

I had missed that you were not actually up and Live! Will revist as and when, thanks and good luck.

(Stephen Spencer) #315

E-mail sending/verification just worked for me and I’m back on the queue screen

(Kieran Kelly) #316

Are we all waiting in the queue or does anyone have a invitation code to help skip it?


Nope, everyone is waiting so far.

(Kieran Kelly) #318

Thanks. Seems like they launched the ads a bit too early

(Splodf) #319

Think they just want to fill the waiting list.

(Michael) #320

That could cut both ways. The opportunity to onboard early and to operate a waiting list itself is a useful development activity :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #321

I think the Beta is soon.

(Michael) #322

No Dozens Alpha badge for me? :sob:

(Simon B) #323

I noticed ads on the tube last week… Have they started onboarding customers yet? I think their app looks really interesting… keen to check it out :grinning:

(#savetheseabass) #324

The ad criticising banks who charge 50p a day overdraft charges as they’re encouraging people into debt as way to make profit? :no_mouth:

(Simon B) #325

I haven’t seen anything like that.

Just one with a picture of a phone and the app and a map on it.

Guess that’s a different one :joy:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #326

Neither my place on the waiting list nor the number of people behind me have changed in the past few days so…:man_shrugging:

(Kieran) #327