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Agreed. Your ID is already verified, it’s the e-mail part that is still required. It is confusing though. No doubt the wording will get amended when the process goes live. R-


This is strange, I would have thought that email identification would be automated.

Just have to wait, I suppose!

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Hello all - thanks so much for the feedback.

I am looking into this for you. The email verification screen in the app should only show if the email has not been verified, so in theory if you have clicked on the email that went out (to those who had not yet done this for a variety of reasons) you should no longer see it.

If you’ve confirmed your email that is the important bit. We just need to make sure the app updates itself to show you the queue screen again.

As @RogerB points out, this will all be one flow after the queueing system is gone.

We need to have verified emails for everyone if we are going to send codes (and any other important messages), hence needing to make sure this is completed at this stage.

Thanks for your patience and if you have any particular queries or issues relating to you, please do send them to - or share them in our community.


Ah no, this is even after I’d clicked the link in the email and had the confirmation screen from that.

Looks like I could request the email endlessly and keep confirming.


This is the bit that’s not happening for me


Anyone have an invite code to pm me with?


Don’t think any have gone out yet! Awaiting one myself :wink:


Or me

(NM) #276

I’ve emailed bugs@dozens with screenshots :grinning:


An interesting video interview with AC (Chief Executive) and Gemma Steel (General Counsel):

It starts a bit defensive (rebutting some internet scepticism) but is an interesting watch and gives a great insight into their business model.

(Splodf) #278


I think AC explains why at the end with the remarks about how he feels similarly defensive about his four year old as he does with Dozens.

Promising start hopefully they can keep it up!


That was a nice touch and put things in context for me. It also came across as thoroughly human, which was great!

From what AC was saying, it sounds like it will become much much clearer when we see the app. And I think I understand much more now about them being FINtech as opposed to finTECH. It seems their focus is thinking inventively - and in a human way - about how to democratise some of the complicated financial mechanisms that are out there for folk with a lot of money, but in a way that is risk-based and focused on the user. If that comes to pass it’ll be a fantastic addition to the market and a great complement to Monzo…

(…that said, and I’m getting ahead of myself here, right now I’d probably like to see some of these products connected to the Monzo app - albeit provided by Project Imagine/Dozens - as opposed to elsewhere, but I’m open to persuasion! :smiley:)

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Merger merger merger!


Let’s let them launch first :wink:

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If it pans out as AC expects it will be great. Shame Tom and AC didn’t meet before Monzo. If theres one thing Monzo is seriously poor at it is savings products.


Great minds and all that:

(Although part of me wonders if it would work out given the different emphases on fin and tech - I suppose ultimately it’d all be about the personal chemistry).

Still, if Dozens takes off they’ll almost certainly meet up on some circuit or other some time soon. And, interestingly, Dozens is only the first brand of Project Imagine, and I think I remember AC talking about a more wholesale model in the recent podcast, so it’ll be interesting to see if anything happens there.

And although @rob_dozens is here answering questions, I wonder if he’s had a chat with @simonb to make friends do a ‘proper’ Q&A?

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I mentioned that to Rob in the early days of the Dozens forum.

Maybe Monzo will learn something from it :grin:


Fond of the proactive transparency.

Clarification of the customer journey and additional distinction between Save vs Invest was welcome. Nice touch for users that on investment ETFs et al, Dozens won’t charge when investments are underwater so that they only make money when customers do.

The more I hear from Dozens the more I believe their package will fit as a ‘financial hub’ for a lot of users who may want one single app for spending, saving and investing. Nice alternative to Monzo’s marketplace model.

Gamification of savings sounds interesting. If there’s anything I’d like to catch on from what was said, it would be “Cashback for saving” that Dozens are going for over current “Cashback for spending” practices :moneybag:

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I got a reply about the borked email and they’re aware and fixing it.( The fact she replied on a Saturday is rather impressive)

(Michael) #287

Guess I am wrapped up in the same issue as above now

The original email a few weeks ago had no functioning links

Did have the screen showing my position though

Clicked the new email - now it shows email verification pending

Hope they “un-bork” it for everyone