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(Rob) #248

This will depend on your phone and OS. We take security very seriously and we have taken the decision that we will have multi-factor authentication built-into the process.

Before you can access the app you do need some security. Your dozens app will have not just transactions, but also potentially investments and savings information. We have a pin-code system which works in most cases in partnership with built-in biometric security so you can also link with fingerprint and facial recognition. If, as with my own personal phone, you don’t have or use these, then we will need to use SMS for the authentication.

You do not need to get an SMS every time, but when you do a major update you will clear your authenticated session settings and may need to confirm your access.

I will try to write a fuller explanation on our own community shortly to explain the process and reasoning in more detail. Of course we are happy to get feedback on this from users (hence the testing).

I hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think (I’m sure you will)

(Simon) #249

Was posted a few days ago if that helps :slight_smile:
Not sure why it doesn’t show the title. “Everything you want to know about bonds”

(Punit Mannari) #250

Any rough ETA when it will go live?


Thanks, that’ll help. Plus yes, I’m looking forward to gaining access to the full app.

Thanks, my question is regarding how the 12 months guaranteed scheme marries up with the rolling 12 months that Rob mentioned.


Quick question, apologies if it has been answered before. Will there be any fees for account inactivity, closing the account etc?

Don’t plan to do this, but after the first guaranteed year I am likely to move my money out of the savers account and take a closer look. Don’t have much money so don’t want to lose any of it.

Thanks, really looking forward to using the card (which looks great by the way :smiley:)

(Sendu Bala) #253

My understanding would be that if you did 12 separate bond purchases, 1 a month, and all of those purchases were from their first £1m bonds sold, they’d each have the trustee protection for 1 year since purchase date.

But if they sell £1m worth of bonds in the first month, then only your first purchase would have the protection, and it isn’t yet known what features subsequent bonds they might issue would have.

(Rob) #254

no, there are no fees or requirements for account (in)activity


Awesome, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone have a code?


I think the protection starts from the date the bonds are created. For example 100k worth of bonds created on the 01/01/19, would lose their protection on 31/12/19.

(Punit Mannari) #258

That’s what I wanted to know as well…there is a message saying me card and account is being prepared…that message was not there last week…wonder how long before it’s ready

(Graham - Mental health professional) #259

See post 214, where I raised the question around card and account.


Just received a random email asking to verify my email. Which I did ages ago on signup. So I click the link it tells me my email is already verified and now when I go on the app it tells me that email verification is pending? Doesn’t show my place in the queue now or anything?

What’s going on? Some kind of glitch?

(Michael) #261

Just got one and confirmed fine

There was an issue with all the hyperlinks in my original confirmation email (mentioned by me and others above)

This is them mopping up after that I would say - that is commendable if a little unexpected for a Friday night!

(NM) #262

It’s booked for me the email, so just emailed the bug email telling them.


Unlikely to be a glitch - more likely down to this being a part system part human based process at the moment. Something like … which will take several hours to run through.

  1. You have been selected for early sign up (by a human - Dozens)
  2. The "GO’ button has been activated (by a human - Dozens)
  3. Verification e-mail gets sent (by the system - Dozens)
  4. It is read and responded to by the recipient (by a human - you)
  5. The verification is noted (by the system - Dozens) - where you are now.
  6. Next “GO” button is activated (by a human - Dozens)
  7. Account activated and codes sent (by the system - Dozens)
  8. Recipient uses code, activates account, sighs in relief and starts using Beta system.

In the new world all of this will happen via system responses and take milliseconds (well, a couple of minutes).



I also received verification email

Now it’s saying pending even though I’ve confirmed :man_shrugging:


Can confirm my app is also at the “email verification required” stage, just verified my email also with the link.

As noted above the next step is a manual step by a human so I think this is why we’re stuck on that splash screen.


It’s a bit counterintuitive to still have the “Send email again” button after the confirmation screen


Until someone gets to your entry in the list of folk who have responded to the verification e-mail and triggers the next step - the system will not know you have verified the e-mail. R-