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(#savetheseabass) #228

Mine was HI MISS EMMA. Why did I get a title but men don’t seem to have?

(Rob) #229

Yes, it might have looked better for the queuing screen

The truth is that it comes from the OCR (which we use to avoid having to re-type) as most official documents use capital letters (as will the eventual card) and no further formatting was applied at this stage.

This is just for the temporary queuing screen which, all being well, will be history fairly soon.

(Rob) #230

This is also related to the OCR but also to traditional officialdom.

Many documents, such as the UK Driving licence, show a title only for women and this was not being stripped off by us at this point, but will not appear in your records with dozens.

(#savetheseabass) #231

I did the sign up and had a place in the queue but after the last update it changed to needing to verify my email. Just tried and got this when I clicked on the link in the email


Really important to push back against these archaic practices, so would be great if dozens took a no titles approach across the board

(Shreyas Zanpure) #233

Haha. Looks like the verification code that was meant to be sent back to the server was somehow not picked up. @rob_dozens If you need an ASP.NET core contractor developer, give me a shout :smiley:
I would suggest that you do not throw your entire exception back up the stack to the customer browser/device. A simple global ExceptionFilter should do. For internal exception logging you can try ELMAH. I am sure you guys know what you are doing though. I already like the look of your website and app.

(Rob) #234

Sorry about this - I have some questions for you. Would you mind sharing this with me at and I can look into it for you?

(Sam) #235

Anyone else still awaiting verification? It’s been almost 2 weeks now!

(#savetheseabass) #236

Thanks Rob, that update has sorted it :+1:


I’m curious why Dozens are advertising people to join when they are not onboarding the current waiting list.

I’ve stayed in the same place (538) since I signed up to the waiting list and the app. At least if it was moving, however slowly, I would understand but I’m static.

The advert feels a little misleading as there doesn’t seem any chance at getting early access right now as a new sign-up. There are almost 2,700 people behind me in a line that doesn’t move.

(Splodf) #238

Think Rob said it’s a holding page we’re all on the same number.

Beta soon!

(Rob) #239

I appreciate that it must be a bit frustrating not moving, but we are progressing.

The irony is that I’m stuck on the station platform, not moving, because of over running engineering works.

We can’t just add 4 or 5 users at a time to test, so it can’t really move slowly. It will jump a fair bit this week as we add a group, then if that goes well, we’ll do the same again with more users shortly after that, then roll out more codes to the rest the list.

We will be sending codes for the users in the queue first, with priority for users who had already been in our waiting list, but everyone on the list now will be given access before any public release.

Sorry, that’s a misunderstanding. This is a holding page, but the number is unique to you.


This may be a stupid question :joy:

So for the 5% interest in a month I put in say £100 on 01/02/2019 so on the 01/03 I would have £5 interest, so the whole of march i buy another £900 worth of bonds so for april my total interest would be £100 so could I then use that £100 to buy aditional bonds?



If there is anything I’ve learnt, it’s that there is no such thing as a stupid question in the world of finance!

I could very easily be wrong, and @rob_dozens will be able to correct me I’m sure.

But my understanding is that the 5% is an annual rate.

So if you put £100 in on the 1st Jan 2019, you’d get the equivalent of £5 by the end of the year (paid across the 12 months at something like 42 pence per month).

In your scenario (and again, I may be wrong so this is all wasted :joy:), after month 1 you’d have £100.42 (give or take).

If you then bought £900 more, you’d obviously have £1000.42 at the start of April.

If you left it in there for a year (bear in mind the 5% is only guaranteed for year one (a question for @rob_dozens on this at the bottom), you’d earn around £50 interest for the entire year, which would be paid monthly at £4.17 per month.

Question (I should probably ask on the Dozens forum, but as I’m in full swing…).

The “5% guaranteed for the first year”, does that apply to each bond, or is it per account?

If I buy £5,000 on March 1st, and then another £5,000 on September 1st, when March 1st 2020 comes around, do I still have a guaranteed 5% return on the bonds bought in September 2019?

Also - Please shoot me down if the above info is wrong! :smiley:


I think its per bond purchase from the link above as if you wish to return them and you have purchased X bonds at different times as the link above states " For logistical reasons, we will require you sell back all of your bonds from a single issuance" I am reading this as i have put £5000 in several seperate occasions and I want to take out say £500 as long as I have made a transaction of £500 in bonds I can sell back £500 and get said interest?

Not sure about it being per year though, think it maybe every year.


@rob_dozens just updated the app, and it requires logging in again, will this happen after every update?

By the way how come you require login via phone pass code, then the pin?

(Dan) #244

The only feature that appeals to me with Dozens is the cash rewards for sticking to your weekly budget. If only Monzo could do that…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #245

This behaviour is so annoying. I’ll be deleting the app if it keeps happening.

(Rob) #246

As I hope I explained elsewhere, the rate is not attached to the calendar or financial year, or to the customer account. The rate is in the agreement that you enter when you buy the bond. In this case the bond has a 12-month period, so you get it for 12 months whenever that starts if that is what is on offer.

Yes, each time you purchase the bonds, they are a single issuance. So if you buy £500 every month for a year, you will have 12 separate agreements each running for 12 months. If you decide to sell any of them then you could sell just one individual £500 issuance, but you could not sell only £100.


What does this mean in terms of ”for the first £1 million bonds sold we will place an amount of money equal to the amount you invested plus the full 12-months interest, in a separate trustee-controlled account held on your behalf in case of any default” ?

Sorry if you’ve covered this before.