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It’s not a bank yet, so I don’t think so. I think they’re running a ring fenced account for bond deposits though, to build trust for the first year or so.

(Rob) #209

Morning folks!

My apologies, but this forum stopped alerting me to replies for some reason so I missed the most recent discussions.

Yes, our savings and investment offers will have FSCS protections but the current accounts are e-money accounts and therefore do not require it (as you all probably know). The details of these protections are best discussed on our site.

that is also true, which gives you even more security when you purchase bonds at this stage in our development - again, the specifics of how this is structured will be in the material we put on our own site

Indeed. Thanks for putting it so succinctly.

I totally accept your comments and thank you for this really great presentation. All the updates (to app, site, community, social media, etc.) have to try to stay synchronised, so we will refresh our site to add more detail about various new developments now that we can publish the details.

We are SO grateful for the input from the hundreds of users who have gone through the application process in the last 4-5 days. Most were straightforward but there were a couple of journeys that have caused delays and we have started fixing these. We are still working through the backlog of some verification checks, and we apologise to those affected for the delay.

Thanks to all this input the new process is even more slick and we’ve already been able to push updates to the app stores with some fixes, so those who try now will hopefully have fewer issues.

On a different note, has anyone commuted through London Bridge, Canary Wharf and several other key stations and noticed a golden glow recently?


No, but I went to Bridport last Thursday :grinning: that was invigorating. I left Londinium years ago for the quieter life.

Seriously though, very much looking forward to the Dozens launch - and of course an invitation to join you.



Same happened to me :confused:

(Rob) #212

surely that’s a good thing? You’ve moved to the final stage - you are simply waiting for the invitation code now :slight_smile:

(Sam) #213

Hi Rob,

I put a message over on the Dozens forum (same username) but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet. I submitted my documents on Friday but they’re still showing as being checked/verified. Is that normal or has my app got stuck somewhere?


Absolutely!! Any idea on a timescale for the code?

(Richard Bairwell) #215

Looping in @rob_dozens :

I’m in the same situation (but not signed up to the forum yet), submitted around 3.30pm on Friday it’s now Wednesday at 11.45am and the app is still saying ‘It takes a few minutes’…

(Rob) #216

Loads of you asked, here and elsewhere, so I thought I might point out that we’ve posted some answers to many of your great questions.

Our 5% bonds – Everything you want to know.


Am I going crazy from overwork or should this

You cannot just sell 10 bonds to us, you must sell all 50 bonds back to us at once.

Be this

You cannot just sell 40 bonds to us, you must sell all 50 bonds back to us at once.

(Jack) #218

Doesn’t really matter the general outcome is the same?

You can’t sell part of a bulk purchase?


In the context of the example, it’s incorrect, I think.

(Nathan Steer) #220

No. In the example the customer has 50 bonds
50 bonds = £5,000

The customer later needs £1,000
£1,000 = £5,000 ÷ 5

And in number of bonds
50 ÷ 5 = 10

The numbers in the example are correct.


Ah, because the “£1000” is £1000 in cash not bonds - got it.
I read it as “customer only needs £1000 in bonds”, so needs to sell 40 bonds.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #222


Launching the app gives me this screen. Can you explain the reference to my debit card and current account? What are they - and in what sense are you preparing them?

Just so’s I know…

(Rob) #223

Hi Graham

We are building and testing the infrastructure and the app that will enable you to use a card and carry out, track and rate transactions, so in that sense we are “preparing” your account. While we do that, there is a queuing system and you see this message.

When we are are confident that all will be well, we will send you an activation code. It is only when you click on that, that an account will exist in your name and that a card will be printed and sent to you.

Some codes are going out this week and then there will be further invitations in early February.

Hope that clarifies it?

(Graham - Mental health professional) #224

It does, indeed, thanks Rob.


This week sounds good!

(Colin Robinson) #226

Feedback: I don’t like that it says ‘Hi FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME’

  1. I very rarely use my second name.
  2. Why block capitals?


Mine just her my first name. Properly capitalised. :thinking: