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(Punit Mannari) #187

My number is 2834 in the queue and 43 people behind me😂

(Richard Bairwell) #188

How do you find this out? [regarding the position of the queue - Discourse automatically removed the original quote]

(Nathan Steer) #189

When you open the app after your documents have been reviewed and approved, it will state your position in the queue

(Punit Mannari) #190

When you open the app, it tells you your position


Interestingly (to some, maybe), my initial application was declined, and I just left it there.

Since the app update, it now gives me my position in the queue (I haven’t re submitted or anything).

(Richard Bairwell) #192

Ah, I’m still in the verifying your identity stage - so by sounds of things a step before it tells me where I am in the queue.

(Nathan Steer) #193

Heh, interesting… maybe someone took a second look at your application and gave it the ok or something? :smiley:


Yeah, when I spoke to @rob_dozens, he said there was likely no issue - It was just a few teething problems with the verification (something I see a lot of other people have also had).

Nice that it’s all coming together.

The queue screen looks nice! :joy:

(Punit Mannari) #195

I forgot to update, my passport was accepted, I emailed them to rob…

(Punit Mannari) #196

Any ideas when it will be launching?


Curious were you just asked to send via a normal email or did they use any kind of encryption/secure email service?

(Punit Mannari) #198

No, I just got an email from rob, to email him and compliance pic of my passport…which I did…just normal email, I used my gmail

(Juan Mendes ) #200

same problem…Rob sent me an email explaning the situation…they recently updated the app…still waiting :smirk:

(Nathan) #201

Yeah also had problems getting my passport verified.

Decided to give up and just wait till proper launch and hope these issues are resolved


Have you re checked the app since it updated?

I had the same passport problems, but after the update, it put me in the queue.

(Juan Mendes ) #203

Yes…same message…they are doing checking my information…and they will back to me asap

(Nathan) #204

Yes unfortunately same issue. Just doesn’t seem to pick it up, tried many different rooms/lighting combos

(Stefano) #205

I’m in the queue! Really excited to try it out.

I listened to the podcast and I have to say, first of all, how impressed I was by Aritra’s vision for Project Imagine and his knowledge, which really shows through his answers. It made me feel really confident about putting savings into a dozens account.

Some things in particular stood out for me, which I don’t think currently come across successfully from the information on their website and could possibly help people understand their vision better (I appreciate the conversation covered a wider perspective than the dozens app itself and that the website might still be in early stages, but still):

  • the spender / savers / investor trajectory as a way to see their audience, and for people to see their own relationship with money
  • the difference between an app that ultimately just offers spending analysis, and one which actively helps you budget
  • how they can offer such high interest and how this is sustainable – I wish the website would elaborate more on this in particular.

(Sendu Bala) #206

Yes, it’s kind of “oh, by the way, 5%”, and it seems a bit unbelievable. Then the podcast reveals that the whole entire company is structured around providing new savings/investments products and their whole purpose is to help people save.

I’m gung-ho and signed up anyway, but I’m sure others would be more cautious without an explanation. I think that’s coming though.

(Dan) #207

Is Dozens FSCS protected? I’m considering consolidating and putting all my savings into Dozens…