Double charged for Northern Rail Train Ticket


I travelled with northern rail last week (15th august) from Sheffield to Hathersage on your 17:14 train to Manchester Piccadilly.

I purchased a ticket on the train and using contactless failed because of signal. This did not give me a void/rejected transaction ticket. I proceeded to put my pin in for the card and that went through correctly. After checking my bank statement I have been charged twice but the driver wasn’t able to find the transaction on his record.

Is there anything that can be done about this?


Contact the in app support. They’ll be able to help.

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Hi Stuart,

I wish I could be more help but although the other users in this community can guess what the cause of the double charge was & what the outcome will be, we don’t have access to the details about what happened behind the scenes here.

So I’d recommend contacting the support team via the in-app chat or by sending them a DM on Twitter, to ask them to look into this.

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