Don't sweat the small stuff

(David Thomson) #1

It would be great if Monzo allowed smaller amounts to be transferred over into savings accounts. For example a balance with say 299.79 could be rounded down to 290 and the 9.79 put in the savings account. Every little bit like this soon adds up.



This is already possible in the app. You’ll need to tap on the savings account in question, click add and then tap in the centre (where it will show the £50) and then you can add your own custom amount.

(Lancelot Payne) #3

As mentioned by @anon38274058 it’s already in the app but what would be cool is if eventually have a standing order/direct debit where it just transfer it to a pot instead of having to manually do it.

(David Thomson) #4

Brilliant cheers. Was not aware but I am now. Thanks guys.